Last week of 2 Hagas in the office.  Ash said her goodbyes Wednesday, the future in-laws were first to arrive [from New Jersey].  PS gifted the couple a [Sprout] integrated amplifier & set of [ELAC] speakers.  Very nice.  Many thanks!

Sunday wedding.  Family arrived on multiple flights mid-day Friday/Friday nite/early Saturday/Saturday afternoon.  Hit the highway Saturday morning, easy 2 hour drive – destination: Silverthorne CO, elevation 9,035ft.  BIG smile ❤

Stopped at ‘The Happy Cooker’ in Georgetown for late breakfast/early lunch.  Window seat.  During the meal, saw an unusual number of pack mules.  As luck would have it, BEST LOCATION to watch today’s Burro Race.  Finish Line literally across the street.  Promptly paid my tab & watched the day’s first finishers.  LOVE LOVED it – start of what’s undoubtedly gonna be a SUPER FUN weekend!


13th Annual Historic Georgetown Railroad & Mining Days Pack Burro Race

Georgetown, Colorado


The Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation seeks to continue a great sport begun by Colorado’s miners.


Approximately 8-9 miles from Georgetown to Empire and back. Remember to follow traffic pattern around the roundabout, yield to downhill runners, and stick around after you’re done to check for ticks.  And, there will be a prize at the end of the race for the runner who picks up the most trash on the course!


Entry fee: $50

Weigh-in time:  9:00 am

Start time:  11:00 am

Race Director: Bill Lee (Red Tail) – 720-234-8200 –


Back on I-70, cold drizzle turned to SNOW.  4 days ‘til June – more importantly, 30 hours before the OUTDOOR Wilpiszeski wedding begins.  Snow is good luck, right?

Hotel check-in, afternoon altitude run (’cause every day’s a run day).  Met up with Ash & Tom at ‘Wilp Manor’, the in-laws’ Airbnb mansion rental.  Rehearsal dinner followed soon after at Dam Brewery in nearby Dillon.

FAM-FEST tomorrow – hanging with Mom, my siblings & their families first-half Sunday.

3pm pictures, 5pm WEDDING!  Weather Forecast: SUNSHINE ☀



Georgetown Burro Race


Memorial Day weekend SNOW



After a lackluster winter along the Front Range, found ourselves pummeled by wet heavy snow – late, on May 18th.  Last 4 years [we’ve] been surprised with a few inches in May.  In Colorado: winter ain’t over, ’til it’s over 🙂

Looking forward to mountain flowers & high-flow snow-melt streams this June – unofficial start to Colorado HIKE season.  Cabin in Leadville booked June 23rd-24th, bringing the pup – first 14er climb of 2017, Mt. Elbert.


May SNOW 2017


Whole lotta snowfall at Ash’s Silverthorne wedding venue – only 10 days away.  Yikes!


KUSA – A late spring snow storm that created headaches for travelers on Colorado highways and postponed graduation ceremonies while providing some much needed moisture is moving out of the state on Friday.


But how just how much snow has fallen so far in your area?


Breckenridge – 16.5 inches

Nederland – 28 inches

Silverthorne – 16 inches

Estes Park – 31 inches

Boulder – 3.8 inches

Louisville – 9.8 inches


Colorado towns hit with 3 feet of snow.  Happy May.

Doyle Rice , USA TODAY Published 10:52 a.m. ET May 19, 2017 |


A May snowstorm continued to pound the central and northern Rockies on Friday, a day after burying portions of Colorado under three feet of snow.


The storm has created headaches for travelers on highways, caused thousands of power outages and forced schools and businesses to close.


The highest reported snow total so far was 42 inches near Allenspark, Colo., the National Weather Service said. Many other locations picked up between two and three feet.


More snow is forecast Friday before it tapering off Saturday.


Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 30 from Laramie to Cheyenne, Wyo., closed in both directions Thursday night due to the heavy snow. Both roads remained closed as of early Friday morning, AccuWeather said.


The last time Cheyenne experienced such a significant snow event this late in spring was about 67 years ago, when Harry Truman was president, the Weather Channel said.  In Denver, the storm marked the city’s biggest mid-May snow in 42 years.


Several high school graduation ceremonies in the Denver area were postponed due to the storm, KUSA-TV said.  Thousands of people were without power as the heavy snow weighed down power lines.


The late-season snow event is not unheard of.  Both Cheyenne and Denver have experienced accumulating snowfall even into early June in the past, AccuWeather meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.


Temperatures will warm up and conditions will improve over the weekend.



first snowfall of the season – AWESOME morning!

Published October 4, 2013


First day of SNOW!  (and so early this year too 🙂  BONUS!)


Sure I’ve cheated & already seen snow in the mountains but first SNOW on my front porch — now that’s something special.  Like being 9 years old again.  Seriously dude, who doesn’t love first SNOW?  Woo-hoo!


Summer’s finally over!  Break out the poles & gloves!


First SNOW [came] crazy late this year – certainly not Oct 4th – but I’m just as excited.  Talk at work, SNOW…the radio, SNOW…water-cooler buzz diverted from Trump to mountain ski conditions.  Seems EVERYONE in Colorado was ready for today’s winter dusting.

Done marathoning ‘til December.  Weekend plans?  Snow camping – it’s what all the cool kids are doing 🙂




‘I still get super excited’: Boulder sees first snow of the season
By Mitchell Byars
Staff Writer


POSTED: 11/17/2016 06:24:05 AM MST |


The wait is over.


Snow fell in Boulder this morning for the first time this season after a drastic drop in temperatures over the past 24 hours. The snow began to fall across most of Boulder by 11 a.m. Local meteorologist Matt Kelsch said that the window for snow would likely end by tonight.


“The storm is very strong but also somewhat fast moving,” Kelsch said.


Robert Koopmeiners, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boulder, reported 3 inches of snow in Boulder and most other spots of Boulder County as of 6 p.m.


It was the latest Boulder has ever recorded measurable snowfall. The previous latest snowfall was Nov. 15, which happened in 1987, 1988 and 2005.


The snow comes one day after Boulder saw a high of 80, the hottest November day ever for the city, eclipsing the previous record of 79 set on Nov. 4, 1952.


…the longer-than-normal wait for snow was a little unnerving.


“Normally you see something by Halloween.  I think everybody was happy it finally snowed.”


Things should begin to warm up again over the weekend. Friday’s forecast calls for sunny skies with a high of 39 and an overnight low of 19.


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