After a weekend off from marathoning, back on the trail – literally.

Friday a.m. flight to Reno, scenic hour-half drive to South Lake Tahoe.  Running on 2 historic trail systems tomorrow – the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) & XP (Pony Express) trails in California’s Sierra Nevadas.

Easy laid-back drive, radio set to classic 70’s – never turned the dial, all weekend.

Hotel check-in, then a rural 45 minutes on US 50 West to Kyburz (bib pickup).  Located tomorrow’s trail Start at Echo Summit (1968 US Olympic high-altitude training center).  Quick hello/goodbye.  Back in the morning California redwood, Ponderosa pine ❤

First year event – read & re-read the course description PLUS snapped a shot of the map itself (nothing left to chance).  More concerned being lost in the high Sierras than any wildlife encounters (only bear I saw/stuffed at Strawberry Lodge).


RACE DAY, SATURDAY:  Cool & overcast.  Mix of HIGH CLOUDS & MASSIVE TREES.  Super thankful, appreciated the cover.

Most of the day, focused/eyes alert for PINK ribbons.  13.8 miles in, started the climb UP.   Two HUGE hikes, over 4000ft vertical gain.  Lovers Leap Trail: let’s just say, I know why they leaped.  Crazy difficult hike.

but…the Panorama?  (like being) Wrapped inside an Ansel Adams photograph.  Just WOW!  Every north-facing tree blanketed in vibrant green moss.  Yellow-green: closest colour match in my Crayola box.  That’s the memory I’ll take home to Colorado.

Only negative?  Course went long.  I know, I know, it’s trail.  Folks: this course went long.  My watch (& Strava app) died somewhere after 30.5 miles – my first ultra finish of 2017.  (I say first ‘cause I haven’t yet given up on running a 50-miler this year.)

#94 in the books.  2nd longest [amount of time] I’ve been on my feet (behind 2013’s Barr Trail hike UP Pike’s Peak).



Echo Summit Trail Challenge – August 5, 2017


Trail Marathon  Jude Archie  M  06:40:28    1

Trail Marathon  HAGA K R  M  07:51:36    2


HIKE DAY tomorrow ‘round tourist-friendly paradiso, Lake Tahoe.  Living well, lucky in life 🙂



road-trippin’: Reno to Tahoe 




Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


July 2017 update:  Back on track, another 200+ mile month (6 of 7 months in 2017), keeping me safely ahead of goal.  Smack in the middle of HEAT SEASON, but continued my marathoning streak – adding 2 more to the tally, closing in on #100.

All ’bout adjusting summer-month expectations.  Pace, attitude, hydration AND gotta finish – preferably, with a smile 🙂


August focus:  TRAIL

Ended July, running & (video-tagging) one of my favourite local trail runs – NCAR to Chautauqua in Boulder.  This 7.2 mile trek has everything: rolling hills, switchbacks, elevation, red rock, Ponderosa pine AND a stair climb.

Next month I’m only marathoning trail.  2 tough runs, 8 days apart – each sporting 4,000ft vertical gain.


Race ReCap:  2 waterside marathons on hot July days – U of Okoboji Marathon ‘round Northern Iowa’s West Okoboji Lake & the Nova Scotia Marathon ‘round Cape Sable Island in Barrington Passage, NS.

Streaks:  ‘Every day’ run streak ended at 212 days, July 24th in Toronto-Pearson airport.  FULL day delay after Air Canada oversold my flight.  $400 compensation/long Monday.  words of South Park: Blame Canadathat said, really good to have rest days back 🙂

Marathoning Streak:  44 months

Mileage ReCap:  back on track, my sixth 200+ mile month, ended July at 1,412 miles (235 miles ahead of goal)




by Paul McGowan


No problem, turn on the tap and quench that thirst.  In my home, the water tastes a little funny so I installed a filter that is said to remove 99.9% of impurities.  Water tastes better.


Stay hydrated.  It’s important to your health.


We don’t think much about clean water.  At least I don’t. I take it for granted.  It’s always been there.  That’s not the case for much of the world and that brings me to the point of this post.


I want to ask you for a favor.  Go here and donate a few bucks.  Doesn’t have to be a lot. The price of a CD or two.  And, if you’re like me, sign up for a monthly contribution.  $60 a month provides fresh, clean water for 24 people a year.


Donate something if you can.  Anything.  You’ll feel good.


Thanks for caring.



Last summer kicked off my morning run series with 2 treks: a local 5-miler (my regular go-to) ’round Waneka Lake, then one of my Sis’ infamous haunts, Queeny Park in St. Louis.  Altitude vs high humidity.

Sis’ run ended with a fritos-n-chili breakfast burrito – yeh, got skunked first round.


2017: New Year, New Attitude.  Local this weekend (no travel), wanted to get in a long trail run.  Trail – that’s all I’m marathoning in August.  NCAR to Chautauqua: elevation plus vertical gain.  Quads could use the push.  Blue skies, absolutely no excuse.

Parked the Jeep outside George Reynolds (branch of Boulder Library) & added an extra 2 ½ miles of UP.  Slow gradual gain thru Boulder neighborhoods, then UP UP UP the last mile-half to NCAR.  Ran in the bike path, not a lotta runners tackle this asphalt climb.

NCAR to Mesa Trail, UP past the water tower, ‘cross the Flatirons — over red rock/thru Ponderosa pine — to Chautauqua.  BONUS: there’s a stair climb in there too 🙂  Made a loop out of it today; connected to Broadway, then retrieved my ride on Table Mesa.

AWESOME run, highly recommended.  EVERY DAY should be a run day ❤



morning run series: NCAR to Chautauqua



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