No New Year’s Eve plans this year.  Lazy relaxed nite.  Welcomed 2018 from the comfort of my own home – but first…after receiving an urgent email reminder, set my New Year alarm: specifically 12:15am Mountain Time.

Been in contact with 3 different companies to register for Antarctica.  Each have a limited # of entries.  No openings on the UK site ‘til March 2020.  Best hope for 2019: Minneapolis-based Marathon Adventures.  Alarm set for 11:45pm New Year’s Eve.


Registration for the 2019 White Continent 50k, Marathon will open tomorrow January 1, 2018.


The tentative dates for the 2019 WCM are Saturday January 19, 2019 to Sunday January 27, 2019.  But please note, those dates could shift one week in either direction.


Please note that we are limited number of seats on our flight and we have a long waitlist of passengers from 2018 and many others interested.  As such, if you want to confirm your 2019 entry we encourage you to register quickly to avoid missing out.


Again, registration opens January 1, 2018.  We look forward to having you join us for the 7th annual White Continent Marathon in January 2019!!


Thanks and Happy New Year!


Steve Hibbs

Chief Adventurer, Marathon Adventures


Watched New York/Times Square ring in the Year, then off to bed for a 2-hour snooze.  Alarm buzzed right on queue.  Booted up the laptop, took out the pup, celebrated 2018 vicariously thru Ash & Tom’s New Year pics – 5 more minutes.

Like magic, countdown timer disappeared at 12:15.  Link appeared & I plugged in my personal details.  Passport #?  Passport #?  ARGH.  Upstairs fast – scurried to its ‘safe’ non-travelling spot in the closet – then back to my kitchen laptop.  Timed out.  Refreshed the page, re-input 12 lines of data, payment cart appeared.  Payment cart, YES!  $1,000 deposit – one THOUSAND dollars.

Am I in?  Fraud alert tagged my transaction.  Thanks Discover but ARGH.  Quick call, charge now a pending transaction.  Still no confirmation.  Am I in?  Too keyed up to sleep, watched an hour of Netflix before drifting off – penguins, seals, icebergs, Antarctica.



Hello 2019 White Continent Marathon Adventurers!


If you are receiving this e-mail that means your entry for the 2019 WCM is confirmed.  Apparently there were some issues with runners not receiving a confirmation e-mail following initial registration.  But please note that we have received your entry and you are confirmed.

During the race, our runners are cheered on by penguins and seals.  Following the races our runners are able to enjoy excursions to a penguin colony, where they see Gentoo, Adelie & Chinstrap penguins.  They also explore the nearby Russian Research base and their ornate Orthodox Church.


The 2019 WCM will once again be camping overnight in Antarctica.  It is a great experience!  That’s right the 2019 White Continent 50k, Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Adventure will be sleeping overnight in Antarctica the evening before the race.  This will guarantee that everyone will finish their race in Antarctica.


ANTARCTICA!  Life-time dream realized.  Absolutely ANYTHING is possible! ❤



For the family who THINKS they have everything.  Late Christmas present from my punk little brother – LOL>



Happy February!

Maybe it’s the daily snow showers, maybe it’s my consistent/constant Ironman training – either way, gotta get O-U-T.  Climb, hike, snowshoe, cross country ski, snow camp – itching to get outdoors.

I have an Adventurer’s heart.

Recently purchased “The Endurance” – a documentary detailing Ernest Shackleton’s 18-month journey to & escape from Antarctica.  27 men signed up for this epic adventure via a newspaper ‘Men Wanted’ ad.

Where are these advertisements today?  Who doesn’t want to challenge their mind, their heart, their body, their spirit – to the brink of saying ‘No Mas’.  I can’t do this anymore.

I have an Adventurer’s heart.

Forward your favourite clips my way – email:, Facebook, Google +, Twitter.

Hoping to bring an Adventurer’s heart to Texas & bang out my 4th FULL marathon — only two weeks away 🙂



Facebook post from Ft Collins hiker, Cammy – summiting an 18,400ft volcano in Mexico.  SPECTACULAR!

18,400ft hike

18,400ft hike











LOVE LOVE National Geographic’s Crossing the Ice – AMMMMMAAAAZING!

Was it the snow, the location or just the impossibility of the challenge itself?  Yep, probably the latter.

Best film of the year.  Highly recommended!

Next time you’re in the gym & they call you crazy for thinking you can finish an Ironman, without EVER competing & completing a triathlon (never mind age) – watch these 2 Aussies first learn to ski, then reach the South Pole unassisted.

Absolutely anything is possible.


After the crossing the Tasman the boys took on an even more audacious challenge – the first ever unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. Starting with very limited experience they spent months researching, consulting with experts from all round the globe, training in the Arctic and NZ, rehearsing the skills they would need to survive in the highest, driest, windiest and coldest place on Earth.


Pulling loads that started at 160kg and temperatures as cold as -40 C, they battled frostbite, injury, whiteouts, crevasses, gear failure and slow starvation. During the 89 days it took them to ski 2275km without any outside support or assistance they lost a combined 55kg of body weight. Their adventure set a new benchmark and raised the bar of polar exploration globally. 

Facts about Crossing the Ice:

  • Crossing the Ice was the first EVER unsupported return journey to the South Pole.
  • Cas and Jonesy are the youngest team to ever reach the South Pole.
  • Previous attempts: Jon Muir, Peter Hillary and Eric Phillips attempted the return journey in 1998. They reached the South Pole after 84 days on the ice but didn’t complete the return. Kiwi adventurers: Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald also attempted the return journey in 2007, their attempt was also unsuccessful.
  • Less people have man hauled to the South Pole (58 people) than have stood on the summit of Mt Everest (4600).
'Crossing the Ice'

‘Crossing the Ice’

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