Clarence Harrison DeMar (June 7, 1888 – June 11, 1958) was a U.S. marathoner, winner of seven Boston Marathons, and Bronze medalist at the 1924 Paris Olympics. He was known by the nickname “Mr. DeMarathon.”


DeMar won his last Boston in 1930 at the age of 41. His record of seven wins has never been broken, and he remains the oldest winner of the event ever.


In my quest for 100 marathons, have double/tripled & even 12x run my home state & neighboring others.  Costs, time off from work – additionally not as tough to bounce back physically when travel is minimized.

This weekend my third marathon in New Hampshire – different story.

Hadn’t been to a 50 State Marathon Club reunion since receiving my award last August in Santa Rosa.  Reunions rotate among the 50 States – hence, this weekend’s race in Keene, now my third 26.2 in NH.  Enjoy the camaraderie, LOVE LOVE our tight-knit community.

Reunion attendance Con?  Most active runner in your hometown (BIG FISH) sitting in a room with folks who have finished 200 & even 300+ marathons in their lifetime (now a LITTLE FISH).  300+ marathons, insane?  Nope, addictive.

Left Saturday’s reunion MOTIVATED to complete a 2nd rotation of the US by 2019 year-end.  Heaven help me – LOL>  That said, SUPER THANKFUL to be cancer-free.  Can’t wait to see where/what towns my 50 State Déjà Vu tour will take me 🙂

Bib pickup, tried the Captain Crunch dog (skip it).  Leaf peeping (2 weeks too early), early to bed.


You are all aware of the forecast for tomorrow and the impact on your run. Tomorrow is not your PR day or your BQ day. Those plans evaporated with the high temperatures you’ll run in tomorrow. We are taking all reasonable precautions to create the safest event we can for you, but it is now all up to you. Any decision to black flag the race before everyone finishes will be less about the temperatures or our wet bulb reading than it will be on how our runners react to those conditions. If too many of you require emergency medical attention, our medical resources will be at risk of being overwhelmed and will force us to make that decision. If that happens, we urge everyone left on the course to respect that decision, and cooperate with our protocols to bring you safely to the finish line.

Marathon morning.  Received another email warning ‘bout the unseasonable heat.  Low 90’s, late September.  Ugh.

90+ marathons completed, first time I forgot my race Bib.  Noticed it missing 10 minutes before the Start.  Remember looking inside my swag bag (nite before), saw the long-sleeve race shirt (too hot to wear long sleeves) – totally forgot about the Bib.  Double ugh.

Small town race, Race Director +++  Wrote down my name, provided a spare Bib, later (while I was actually running) fixed/updated my registration online to reflect the new Bib #.  Very very much appreciated.

Started far from the back, jogged/chatted first 7 miles with my Maniac buddy Stacey.  Comfortable early temps, leafy-canopied course.  It’d get super warm on the back-half…but no regrets.  Not a PR day.  Goal was to enjoy the run – and FINISH.

First 15-16 miles, picturesque New England.  Gilsum to Surrey Dam to Greenlawn Cemetery.  Heat (& East Coast humidity) dialed waaaay up before the first Half.  Salty & light-headed, puked throughout the Cemetery (mile 22).  Hate heat.  Residents water-sprayed runners & provided ice – most EVERY street ‘til the Finish.  AWESOME acts of kindness.  New Englanders, the BEST!

Ugly finish, just under 6 hours.  3 of my 50 State friends – Dan, Seth & Cade – greeted me at the Finish (& asked what happened).  Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.  Can’t change the weather, all part of the journey.

Drama on every United flight home – been added to my (3rd strike) Frontier/Spirit DO NOT FLY list.  Kept a smile on my face, thankful not to walk in their shoes.  Must be a crummy job to maintain that level of unhappiness on a daily basis.

Home sweet Colorado Home.  40-degree temperature drop, snow in the mountains ❤


iResultsLIVE! Alert!

Event: Clarence DeMar Marathon
Name: K R Haga
Bib #: 430
Time: 5:55:39 (Net Time)




Crazy cold in Toronto 2 weeks ago, today’s forecast in New Hampshire: low 80’s.

Main Street FINISH

7am marathon start.  Mid-50’s, sunny skies, pretty much perfect.  Would go out fast, try to log as many miles as possible before temps started heating up.

My first cloverleaf course.  Little confusing initially – overall, HUGE fan.  Generally NOT excited ‘bout running loops…but when 4 of those 5 loops are unique, hardly seemed like lap running.  Loved the ole New England feel of Nashua’s historic Main Street, [ran] out-n-back 4 times.

Started UPHILL past Nashua City Hall, on the right: Church of the Good Shepherd (circa 1871), [ran] by the Telegraph (city’s newspaper home), over the Nashua River, long trek down Manchester/Hill’s Ferry/Concord streets, east ‘round Atherton Park, back over the River, THEN Main Street-returned via my favourite chunk of local architecture – St. Mary & Archangel Michael’s Coptic Orthodox Church, built in 1898 (previously Roman Catholic)…beautiful old building, Nashua’s tallest church.

17 miles in, sun blazed warm.  Avoided the day’s strongest rays for another 3 miles.  Ran those miles alongside water-gorged canals in Mine Falls Park.  Dirt path, BEAUTIFUL treed property – LOVED.

21-mile aid station.  Stopped/regrouped, slow jogged back to Main.  Loop 5: shortest of the cloverleafs. Seemed like a looooong 4.3 miles.  Walk/jogged, water-doused my head at both aid stations.

Finish line.  Came in hot, unsteady.  Main Street never looked so good.

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center provided support in the Finish area.  Blood pressure 80 over 40, body temp just over 93.  Disoriented, not my best.  Hour later, good to go ❤

Beautiful course, well run event – with friend support at both Start & Finish.  Not a great finish (20 minutes slower than my past 2 marathons) but…a finish is a finish.  #90 in the books.


3rd Annual Gate City Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relay – FULL


#1095  KR HAGA

Place:  138

Net Time: 4:39:30.5


3 week run break.  Next Sunday surrounded by Colorado mountains, I’m walking the bride.  Nothing better.



pic-perfect day

Promised months ago, would not marathon Memorial Day weekend.  No race conflicts permitted during Ash & Tom’s Colorado wedding [or 2 weeks following – dog-sitting my grandpup during their Iceland honeymoon].

Week before?  No such promise.  Targeting run #90, 5th in 6 weeks, 12th of 2017.

Flight delay in Chicago, +2 hour time difference, arrived in Manchester 2:30am Saturday morning.  Six hours sleep, short 2 mile pre-marathon run (‘cause every day’s a run day), hit the highway – destination: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  2 cars: Stephen, Sheila, daughter-in-law Ashley & two toddlers.  Beautiful sunshiny day.

Portsmouth’s right on the water – New Hampshire’s only port city.  Public parking off Market, street-scanned for grub.  Irish pub, outdoor seating.  Check, done 🙂

Post-lunch walk in Prescott Park, along the Piscataqua River.  Picture perfect New England.  Alarm sounded.  Watched Memorial Bridge lift, allowing a passing ship to clear its mast.  History-trekk’d thru Portsmouth Navy Yard while Ashley’s kids climbed atop the Park’s whaling memorial.  AND there was ice cream ❤

More of Stephen’s family – Patricia, Noreen & Maggie – joined before his concert start at Christ Episcopal Church.  Second year singing, my first time attending.  Gotta get back for Christmas — hear the conductor wears jingle bells & a tree.  SUPER FUN day!


UPDATEFriday Jun 9thNational Anthem at Red Sox’s Fenway Park


WWI Memorial Bridge (NH to Maine)



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