Level Qualifications:

30 marathons in 30 US states, countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.


In 2015, I achieved 10-stars/Platinum Level as a Marathon Maniac.

Coming into 2018 not as fit as Ironman Year [2014].  Starting off a bit heavier too.  AND of course I’m 3 years older.

First week of strong consistent training – 50 miles/week, every week ‘til Bighorn.  BIGHORN’s been the focus.  Platinum x2 is the GOAL…along with 50 States x2, 10 Canadian provinces AND all 7 continents.  Can’t fail if you don’t try 🙂


Birmingham, Baltimore, Phoenix, Louisiana.  First 4-week marathon stretch in 2 years.

545am flight Saturday.  One of the few destinations, where a direct flight from Denver just isn’t possible.  Easy connection in Dallas – learned my lesson years ago…avoid Chicago in winter.  Not my first Rodeo.

Alabama touchdown.  Light rain in Birmingham, tomorrow’s run forecast: more rain.

Fancy hotel digs.  Sprung for the Westin, event’s host hotel – ‘cross the street from the Expo, 2 blocks from Sunday’s Start/Finish.  ALSO, free airport shuttle & an onsite restaurant.  Economically, a mighty good deal – with a late 3pm check-out.

Only GREAT things to say ‘bout the Westin.  Nice to indulge.  Thanks, fancy hotel digs ❤

7am marathon Start.  No rain, no early check-out, no rush.  Humid though, 93% humidity.  Weather app predicted 2-3 hours before the overcast skies would leak: 100% chance of rain.  FULL/Half shared Start – whole lotta runners.

Ran 4 miles without tunes (headphones are a crutch but dull the negative voices in my head).  Settled on a compromise this journey – downloaded 4 podcasts, SE TrailRunner.  Learned lotta ‘bout trail running in Kentucky.  Who knew?  HA!

Halfers peeled right at mile 12, Marathoners to the left.  Another loop.

Streams of salt, sides of my face/forehead.  14 mile sweat fest.  No wonder I finish dehydrated.  Kept sucking down water.  Forgot my electrolytes, refused Powerade this trek.  Once I start heaving, I’m no good 2nd Half.  Break down mentally.


Mile 21, SHEETS of rain.  Rolling water.  More trail than road conditions.  Body drenched, shoes soaked.  iPhone got wet.  Podcast randomly restarted 4 or 5 times.  Voices slowed, then chipmunk-fast.  Chipmunk talk ‘til the Finish – ARGH.  Rain too hard to stop, locate & shut off my Phone (under my shirt, under a jacket, inside a waterproof pouch – money back please 🙁 ).

Slow & steady but another FINISH.  Really, really wet.  First week done, happy with the progress.  50-mile training week, marathon finish.  At this pace, expect to break my PR in about 12 years.  LOL>  Gotta start somewhere.



2018 Mercedes Marathon

Birmingham, AL February 11, 2018



Name            Chip time     City State            Bib#


K R Haga        5:09:37       Louisville CO       278



EPCOT, is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, often interchanging “city” and “community.”


The model community of Celebration, Florida has been mentioned as a realization of Disney’s original vision, but Celebration is based on concepts of new urbanism — radically different from Disney’s modernist & futurist visions.


Early start Sunday, missed bib pick-up the day before (EPCOT day 🙂 ). 5:30am meet-up in Celebration Park, race start an hour-half later.  Humid Florida morning – expecting showers Sunday 2nd half.  Magic Kingdom ‘Poncho’ day.

Flat 2-lap course.  Crowded start, 80% of participants running the Half.  National Anthem.  Ready ready to run.

Bunched around the 4:30 pace group.  I always go out fast, then nothing in the tank later.  Maybe if I force myself slow, I’ll finish with a smile.  Worth a try.  Short on my miles past 2 weeks, I’ll take a slower/happy finish – FAMILY in Magic Kingdom later.

Work/life struggle all month, no consistency since Hawaii.  Lotta livin’ 1st Half, lotta workin’ 2nd Half.  Notta lotta balance.

Digged hangin’ with a Pace Group.  Easy 8 miles.  Ran ahead of Pacer Dave, hit miles 12 & 13 hard, 2:02 first Half.  “Made haste for the waste“, a much-needed porta-potty stop.  10 minutes ahead: expected to see my clique soon after.

Miles 14, 15, 16: no familiar faces.  Ho, hum.  Started to drag, put on some tunes.  Mile 18.  Still no rain, hyper-sweating in the tropics.  Saw three folks from my 4:30 group dragging the sign.  Pacer Dave had dropped.  How often does that happen?

Wiped, lack of energy.  Stopped to snap shots of my Florida journey.  Drop, drop, drop – more sweat.  Ran into my eyes, burned.

Thick muggy air, warm drizzle, high HUMIDITY.  Slow-walked, just didn’t have it in me.  Combination of hearty ‘Disney Plan’ meals & yesterday’s EPCOT walkathon.  Heard the announcer.  Day’s Finish across the Lake, 2 more miles.  Felt like it’d never end 🙁

Blood pressure: 80 over 50.  Spent my post-Finish with EMTs in the medic tent.  Dehydrated (puking since mile 22).

Car, shower, shuttle bus, amusement park.  Quick turnaround.  Arrived 20 minutes before our all-American Liberty Tree Tavern lunch reservation.  Would rain the remainder of my last Disney day.  Spent 3 hours shuffling between indoor venues: the Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Pirates of Caribbean, Under the Sea (Little Mermaid) & the Haunted Mansion.

Monday morning: Orlando, Florida.  Work afternoon: Boulder, Colorado.  Crazy fast-paced world.  #noregretlife



Celebration, Florida

Sunday, January 28, 2018




238    K R Haga   Louisville   CO    5:15:34      




Magic Kingdom 2018




Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods


January 2018 update:  Tough to start a new Challenge 10 days BEFORE the holidays – but that’s when this year’s Bighorn training program began, 6 months before RUN day: June 16, 2018.

Packed on 21 pounds between June & December 2017.  Ideal to be REVEL Rockies weight again this June.  Month’s food distractions: Christmas, New Year’s & Hawaii.  Not really much of a dieter.  Dropped .2 pounds first Month – yep, ZERO.2 🙁



  • January 1st – entry confirmed in Antarctica’s White Continent 50K (January 2019)
  • January 5th – Bighorn 2018 Registration (signed-up while in Hawaii, 100M distance sold-out)
  • January Week 2 – new Personal Best: 74.7 miles (most miles recorded in a single week EVER)


February MANTRA: Stay CALM – it’s a journey, not a Sprint

Hawaii/beginning of January (Ash), Disney World/end of month (Michaela/David).  End-of-year reporting/Annual Budget due at work.  On-call jury duty/U.S. District Court: February 5 thru March 2ndTHREE pre-registered out-of-state marathons: 50 States x2 Goal.

Breathe, Life happens.  Remember: it’s a 6-month Challenge.


Race ReCap:  Hilo to Volcano 50K (sea level to 4000ft), Hawaii 🌺

Marathoning Streak:  50 months

Mileage ReCap:  ended January at 157 miles (24 miles short of GOAL)


Lands End to John O’Groats

1083 miles, the length of Britain

GOAL: 15 June 2018


Ended Month 1 in Farringdon, a village in county Devon.

The manor of Farringdon was long held by the “de Farringdon” family, whose pedigree from the early 13th century to the late 16th century is given in the Heraldic Visitations of Devon.  Lancelot Farringdon (d.1598) “a proper and discret gentleman in outward show” was the last in the male line and committed suicide, was “found hanged in his bedchamber by his garter to the bedstead”.  His estates passed to his two sisters, Abigail Farringdon, the elder, married to John Drake of Peter Tavy in Devon, and Mary Farringdon, the younger sister whose share of the inheritance included Farringdon, married to William Cooper.


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