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Shakespeare & classic 70’s tunes – the connection?  Enjoyed both OUTDOORS this week in Boulder County.

Colorado Shakespeare Festival (Boulder) –  “Half-moon outdoor arena, center aisle seat, Flatirons sunset, temps in the low 70’s – yep, pretty much PERFECT.”  Stole the line from 2015; saw Othello that summer.

Fast forward 2 years: 2017, the Festival’s 60th Season.

Hamlet, Julius Caesar – nope, threw my money at Henry VI Part III.  Absolutely no idea what to expect.  Yep, completely on purpose.

Different kind of performance.  Similar to Shakespeare’s time, actors were given just 20 hours to learn their lines.  Introduce Hadley [Kamminga-Peck], Dramaturg & Prompter.  Kinda fun to see actors miss lines, turn to the lady seated off-stage & request dialogue.

What else was unique?  Audience members were provided red or white flags (Lancaster or York) – & encouraged to root for their ‘House’.  “Take off his head” I screamed.  20 minutes later, booed/hissed when a member of my House, Clifford, was slain.

Typical Shakespeare – inconvenient marriages, 2 families vie for King, whole lotta slaughter.  Unfortunately, nite didn’t end well for Team Red.

Tonite’s STAR – Queen Margaret, House of Lancaster.  Wore a sword, led an army. The crowd cheered ‘Henry’, I bellowed: MARGARET!!

NOT the Shakespeare of my youth.  Far exceeded all expectations – FAANNN-frickin-TASTIC!




[2014] Kicked off the weekend at Louisville Street Faire listening to live outdoor music, filling up on pizza & ice cream…

[2015] Bowling, “Toy Story” Uno (family game night), Louisville Street Faire – and blink…it’s time for all to go home…


Street Faire (Louisville) –  All summer, every Friday night on Front Street (just off Main).  Food, booze, crafts & LIVE music.  Not sure what excuse I was floating last year – but 2017, happy to be back in the WIN column.  Loser streak over.

Louisville residents skew mighty GRAY.  Tonite’s band: Firefall.  Honest, had to Google-search but strangely remember their late ‘70’s-era hits.  [thanks Mom 🙂 ]

Super FUN nite – LOVE LOVE my Colorado home ❤



Firefall is a rock band that formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1974.  The band’s biggest hit single, “You Are the Woman”, peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard charts in 1976.  Other hits included “Just Remember I Love You” (#11 in 1977), “Strange Way” (#11 in 1978), “Cinderella” (#34 in 1977), “Headed for a Fall” (#35 in 1980), and “Staying with It” (#37 in 1981) with female vocalist Lisa Nemzo.


Street Faire 2017




Last summer kicked off my morning run series with 2 treks: a local 5-miler (my regular go-to) ’round Waneka Lake, then one of my Sis’ infamous haunts, Queeny Park in St. Louis.  Altitude vs high humidity.

Sis’ run ended with a fritos-n-chili breakfast burrito – yeh, got skunked first round.


2017: New Year, New Attitude.  Local this weekend (no travel), wanted to get in a long trail run.  Trail – that’s all I’m marathoning in August.  NCAR to Chautauqua: elevation plus vertical gain.  Quads could use the push.  Blue skies, absolutely no excuse.

Parked the Jeep outside George Reynolds (branch of Boulder Library) & added an extra 2 ½ miles of UP.  Slow gradual gain thru Boulder neighborhoods, then UP UP UP the last mile-half to NCAR.  Ran in the bike path, not a lotta runners tackle this asphalt climb.

NCAR to Mesa Trail, UP past the water tower, ‘cross the Flatirons — over red rock/thru Ponderosa pine — to Chautauqua.  BONUS: there’s a stair climb in there too 🙂  Made a loop out of it today; connected to Broadway, then retrieved my ride on Table Mesa.

AWESOME run, highly recommended.  EVERY DAY should be a run day ❤



morning run series: NCAR to Chautauqua




Anytime you see the word ’tundra’ in July, it’s a good day…a mighty good day.

Woke Tuesday outside of Aspen, Independence Day.  Big parade in town, gonna shut down Main Street ‘til early afternoon.  Sit-down breakfast then hit the highway before the town’s 930am curfew.  Could always take ‘the winter route’ home – but who doesn’t want to travel Independence Pass on Independence Day.  Perfect, right?

Windy drive UP UP UP State Highway 82, short 45 minutes from Aspen.  Expecting a warm 4th – but at 12,000ft?  Ice still on the far edge of the lake, patches of remnant snow.  Stopped at the Pass, walked at the Pass.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Colorado’s only east-west highway, I-70 can a nightmare.  But today, breezed home.  Parked, unpacked by noon.  Quick run at the gym, off to Ash & Tom’s at 4pm.  Grilling on July 4th, gotta/hafta – it’s an American tradition.

Last year watched fireworks light up the highway as we returned home from St. Louis.  This year played cards ‘til sunset, walked 2 blocks to Open Space & viewed 5 different town celebrations.  Clear skies, cool mountain night – PERFECT.  Best fireworks?  The ones shooting directly ‘bove Ash’s neighborhood.  WOW!


UPDATE:  Stephen in town Friday & Saturday, time for our quarterly gig at Boulder Dinner Theatre.  Summer season show: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Yikes – whole lotta singing, not a lotta story.  And randomly, a bunch of middle-schoolers would sing.  Part of the show but not dressed for the show.  LOVE our artsy tradition but this particular show, not a fave.



Independence Day 2017



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