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Happy June!  3 months of Colorado summer – bring it on!!  (‘though still another half-month to hike our high peaks)

Stephen stayed an extra week after officiating Ash’s wedding – kicked off the month with some Irish music.  First stop of Byrne & Kelly’s summer tour: Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center.  Byrne & Kelly, members of the group Celtic Thunder AND Neil Byrne, Stephen’s cousin from Bray [Ireland].  Stephen in New Hampshire, his cousin Neil, Ireland – & they meet up in Boulder, Colorado.  Kismet, right?

Hadn’t been to Dairy Arts Center since last Fall’s Trail Running Film Festival.

Beautiful sunshiny weather – AWESOME start to Colorado summer, AWESOME nite of music.



Byrne and Kelly



After an almost non-existent winter, jeez the season roared in BIG this past week.  No longer a question of snow, but how much precip – and will it affect my morning or evening work commute.  ‘Bout time, well overdue 🙂

The mountains?  Delayed ski resort openings at Thanksgiving ⇨ now resort closures…too much snow.  Avalanche closed I-70 (both directions) half-day last week – 15 feet of snow covered a section of highway.  Winter season’s arrived.  Been driving the Jeep EVERY day since Christmas & absolutely LOVIN’ it!  Sub-zero temps all week – crazy cold.

Migrated to treadmill running to log my daily miles.  “Every day’s a run day” – haven’t missed since Christmas Eve.

First weekend home this year.  Stay indoors, hunker down with the pup?  Heck, no – layered UP & local-hiked NCAR to Chautauqua.  Sun rose pink on the Flatirons Saturday morning, fave/most familiar trail trek now snow-hidden.  No worries, have hiked this route at night – know it like the back of my hand.  Boots, crampons, cap & gloves – GAME ON…first snow hike of 2017!

Battled thin air for a mile; lungs ached ‘til I settled into a healthy rhythm.  Handful of 14ers on this hiker’s 2017 wish list.  Limiting July   & August to one (& only one) marathon/month.  Finding balance this year.

Love of mountains, love of running.  2017 – all about achieving: BALANCE.



the Big Chill: 2017 sub-zero start



Long 7-hour haul from yesterday’s trail marathon in Nebraska.  Fitting I had tickets the following nite to this year’s Trail Running Film Festival in Boulder.  My 2nd year attending, 4th year festival has been in existence.

Back at the Dairy Arts Center, arrived to a sold-out event.  Guess word’s got out – HA!

12 films, 3+ hours of sit-down.  Sat 2nd row – packed, crazy full auditorium.  Festival organized by runners, for folks who appreciate trail running & adventure.  Well done.  Tough to pick ONE fave film this year.

All 4 feature documentaries were unique in their storytelling.  “One step at a Time” followed 3 ultra runners as they attempted the FKT (fastest known time) on the Oregon section of the PCT.  “Outside Voices” featured outspoken runner Jenn Shelton, an entertaining, train wreck of a gal.  “2016 Orcas Island 100” documented a 100-mile ultra-race on Washington’s scenic San Juan Islands.

…but for me, this year’s fave: “The Hard Way”

inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old who runs 30 races each year, cuts his firewood by hand & does things the hard way to remain active and alive.  The film takes us on a journey that’s about more than running, it teaches us to live life with purpose and momentum.

LOVE LOVED this guy’s determination.  Absolute anything is possible…at an age.




Trail Running Film Festival 2016


The Hard Way (2016) by Jeremy Lurgio & Erik Petersen




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