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Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime

That time of year we afternoon in Coors Field & cheer our local Rockies.  First year watching the Braves.  Crushed ‘em the night before 17-2, so expecting only good things.  Something new?  A winning record.  Rockies have been last or next-to-last EVERY year I’ve lived in Colorado.  Proudly (despite that dismal stat), boast a 4-2 personal attendance record 🙂


Game Day 2017 – Ash & Tom: Coors Light, Coors Field.  Me/family chauffeur: SmartWater & nachos.

Top of the 6th, Happy Birthday Jim scrolled the Big Board [PS Audio’s ‘El Presidente’].  Not that I’m über competitive butdaytime skies will darken on MY day, Monday.  HA!  (August 21st: the Great American Eclipse)

Seventh-inning stretch.  Said our goodbyes & stretched back home.  Homies got clobbered!

Aw well, there’s always next summer.



2017 – Braves 10, Rockies 4

2016 – Devil Rays 11, Rockies 3

2015 – Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 4

2014 (Jul) – Rockies 6, Padres 3

2014 (May) – Rockies 10, Mets 3

2013 – Rockies 10, Padres 9 (bottom of 9th homer)

2012 – A’s 8, Rockies 2


Nolan Arenado leaves with injury, Rockies get blown out by Braves 10-4

Other than that, the Rockies had a great afternoon.


by Hayden Kane@hwkane  Aug 17, 2017, 5:03pm MDT



The Colorado Rockies ended an up-and-down series with the Atlanta Braves on a decidedly sour note Thursday afternoon. Nolan Arenado left the game early with an apparent re-injury to his left hand, and the pitching fell apart as Atlanta won by a final score of 10-4.


Pitching lapses in two innings cost the Rockies dearly in this one. Starter Jeff Hoffman surrendered back-to-back home runs to Ender Inciarte and Freddie Freeman in the top of the 5th inning. That broke a tie and made the score 4-2. Things were still in reach at that point, but things really fell apart in the 7th inning.


Mike Dunn, who has been a good reliever lately, regressed back to being a bad reliever on this day. The inconsistent lefty allowed three runs and recorded just one out. He handed things to Adam Ottavino, and unfortunately he did not fare any better, allowing three runs of his own.


That made for six runs total in the frame, turning this game lopsided and erasing the good vibes of the blowout in the other direction just one day earlier.




Three weeks since my last marathon.  Training’s been hit or miss ‘round Ash’s Colorado wedding & dog-sitting the grandpup.  BUT the body’s feeling good again, generally I run a bit banged up.  Might run with young guns but marathon recoup takes a day or 2 longer 🙁

Saturday bib pick-up in Golden.  Quick turnaround & back on the road.  Heading north for the day — gettin’ my mountain on, a pre-marathon trek in Red Feather Lakes.  Lil’ quiet time, inner peace at the Buddhist Shambhala.

But first…lunch stop at The Forks.  BIG American flag, half-hour outside Wyoming – this is Cowboy country.  Not a lotta non-beef options on the menu, app-started with Rocky Mountain Oysters.  (Google it 🙂 )  When in Cowboy country, do as the locals.


Early start Sunday – 2:30am alarm, on the road by 3.  Hour drive to Morrison.  Caught one of the last marathon buses at 4:15am.  No Start Line drop-off/parking allowed, road closed to traffic.  Elevation: 11,004ft.  My highest marathon start point.

90 degrees the day before.  Surrounded by snow remnants this morning.  Expecting temps to heat up near the Finish – going out fast today, wouldn’t feel the sun ‘til 3 hours in.  Met up with marathoner pal Stacy.  She’s an Ambassador for REVEL.  Would be riding in the SAG wagon today (a sweeper), encouraging runners to complete today’s 26.2 miles before the 6 ½ time cutoff.

The use of broom wagons has expanded to other sports events—especially in marathon events a broom wagon is a common feature. In marathons many amateur runners join in, and sometimes are not able to reach the finish line within the allocated time. The broom wagon puts an end to their race, and the runners have to hand in their numbers.

Beauty of knowing Stacy & her being an Ambassador – the pre-race email.  Better prep than ANYTHING you’ll find online.

MILE 1HM or 13FM – the three sisters – the 3 hills of the course


If you are running the half marathon, you are going to have a massive hill at the very beginning.  If you’re running the full marathon, this hill is mile 11.5 ish (you’ll be cruzing downhill with a large meadow to your right, you’ll see an intersection ahead and you’ll have to cross and turn right…. just ahead is where these hills start).  It’s actually a series of 3 hills.  Steep up, fast down, x3.  PLAN AHEAD.  Many runners choose to speed walk these sections to save energy or handle their hydration and fuel for a few minutes.  Other runners choose to run through these but FYI – after so much downhill, your quads are going to argue.  Whatever you decide, just be aware these hills will be waiting for you.


MILE 4-13HM or 17-26FM – rollers


The last 9 miles of the course is overall downhill, but there are a few rollers of slight inclines.  By this point of a race I like to think of my legs like gears on a bicycle – rotate the muscles (use calves, then hams, then quads) to keep things relaxed.  While training, practice changing your stride (length) as well as cadence (how frequent you rotate).  Adjusting your landing with the downhill grades allows you to manage your flight, rather than using your quads to brake your body.  Every person may run and experience this ‘flight control’ differently – but it’s definitely something to play with and consider.


TANGENTS– ride those curves like a motorcycle


This course has many many many curves in the road.  Managing your direction of travel can save you a LOT of distance compared to people who run the road in the same ‘lane of travel’.  If you are not familiar with running tangents, google and study – you have a GREAT potential on this course to be very efficient.



If anyone is interested in gathering at my house for dinner Saturday evening, please let me know.  We cook up a bunch of pasta, garlic breadsticks, salad, and my husband’s homemade meatballs.



DOWN DOWN DOWN, first 5 miles.  Stayed two-bodies ahead of the 3:45 pacer.  LOVED the morning chill, smell of Ponderosa pine.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL run.  No negatives.

Couple thousand running today’s marathon.  Well ahead of pace, first half.  Stopped shadowing the 3:45ers at mile 17.  Haven’t finished under 4 hours since March 2015.  Never ever sub4’d in Colorado. April’s ‘Runs with Scissors’ finish – 4:01 – is the closest I’ve come.

Last hour: peeled my shirt, water soaked at each Station.  Even at altitude, it’s summer in Colorado.

My chance to PR slipped by at mile 23.  Throwing 10 min/miles now – pushed too fast, too early, too long.  BUT had I banked enough time to sub-4?  On the return to Morrison, knew I was still close.  Kept pushing.  Felt really warm.  Passed a group of walkers finishing the Half.  Tenth-mile to go.

Saw the ticker – SUCCESS!  Not a new PR (yet) – but my first sub-4 in 2 years, first in Colorado, my first after cancer.  AND my first & only with pup Ro at the Finish!  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Dehydrated, blood pressure low (90 over 40).  Summer hydration, my 4-year marathon nemesis.  Spent an hour in the med tent.  Nice folks let me bring Ro inside (out of the heat), during my IV drip.

Today I ran sub-4.  On the path, a new PR is gonna happen in 2017.




K r Haga – June 11, 2017


Bib #   1238

Event  Marathon

Chip Time    3:58:25.66



First Quarter            6.55     55:23.71          8:27

Second Quarter       6.55     54:26.36         8:18

Third Quarter          6.55     1:02:25.85      9:31

One Mile To Go       5.55     55:44.23         10:02

Finish                        1.0      10:25.50         10:25





Gotta say – last week’s marathon result really really stung.  Been putting in the time, working hard.  Heat or no heat – never expected to throw a 5 hour marathon result again.  Aside from the mental struggle of a sub-par performance, took ‘til Wednesday to bounce back physically.  Nauseous, early week pace all over the place in my training runs.

8.7 miles Wednesday, 12.2 miles Thursday.  Back on track.  Unlike last week, took a taper day [on] Friday.  Easy 2 mile jog, marathoning Saturday morning in Brighton – 2nd weekend my run commute would be under 30 minutes.  Nice 🙂

FUN FACT: to keep costs down, Director reused old race bibs.  Tomorrow I’d be running a Ladies 9K event from 2014.  LOL>

Early wake-up, early Start.  Cold morning.  35 degrees, woke to rain.  Swapped rain for sleet as Brighton temps dipped just under freezing.  Small race, 20 laps ‘round a flat 1.3 mile course.  20 laps, ugh.  Packed a run bag with all my fave food & drinks.  Tucked under a picnic area awning – would have 20 opportunities to grab a snack.

6am Start.  Went out fast, hung a quarter-mile behind the lead pack.  Followed the flags, made my way once around the course.  Multiple mud crossings, developed a rhythm.  Lap 4: gloppy cold rain, mix of wet snow & rain.  Increased speed, held an 8:20/min pace, started picking off runners.  Slowed — ran an easy 9:30/min mile — every third interval.

1:56 Half marathon.  Not a personal best…but the fastest I’d run post-cancer.  Mentally knew: pacing too quick – it’s a marathon, not a 10K.  Would keep running STRONG 3 more laps, then reassess.  Not targeting a new PR ‘til September…but what if.  What if today everything came together for my first sub-4 since 2015.  Logged a slow loop, but surprisingly followed with two sub-9/min miles.

Rain stopped at lap 17 (22 miles).  Fizzling, running empty/outta gas, 9:40 lap.  Refueled, sucked down 2 packets of soft food.   A minute+ under sub-4, quickly eating thru my time bank.  2 laps remaining.  Lap 19, run clock read 3:51.  Legs like lead, breathing labored.  Pushing hard, forward thru mud, sloppy conditions – no longer avoiding the muddiest stretches.  Everything I have this day, no holding back.

Finish time – unfortunately, just missed – 4:01:34.  No sub-4, not today…but almost there.

Fastest run of 2017.  Strike that – fastest run since March 2015 & a new Colorado PR.  3rd place Male, 4th overall.


2017 Runs With Scissors – April 22, 2017


Male Marathon Results

Place      Name               Age    Time

  1. Nicholas Ferron     34    03:00:18
  2. David Jepsen        41    03:22:44
  3. K R Haga            50    04:01:34




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