Continental Divide

Last week of 2 Hagas in the office.  Ash said her goodbyes Wednesday, the future in-laws were first to arrive [from New Jersey].  PS gifted the couple a [Sprout] integrated amplifier & set of [ELAC] speakers.  Very nice.  Many thanks!

Sunday wedding.  Family arrived on multiple flights mid-day Friday/Friday nite/early Saturday/Saturday afternoon.  Hit the highway Saturday morning, easy 2 hour drive – destination: Silverthorne CO, elevation 9,035ft.  BIG smile ❤

Stopped at ‘The Happy Cooker’ in Georgetown for late breakfast/early lunch.  Window seat.  During the meal, saw an unusual number of pack mules.  As luck would have it, BEST LOCATION to watch today’s Burro Race.  Finish Line literally across the street.  Promptly paid my tab & watched the day’s first finishers.  LOVE LOVED it – start of what’s undoubtedly gonna be a SUPER FUN weekend!


13th Annual Historic Georgetown Railroad & Mining Days Pack Burro Race

Georgetown, Colorado


The Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation seeks to continue a great sport begun by Colorado’s miners.


Approximately 8-9 miles from Georgetown to Empire and back. Remember to follow traffic pattern around the roundabout, yield to downhill runners, and stick around after you’re done to check for ticks.  And, there will be a prize at the end of the race for the runner who picks up the most trash on the course!


Entry fee: $50

Weigh-in time:  9:00 am

Start time:  11:00 am

Race Director: Bill Lee (Red Tail) – 720-234-8200 –


Back on I-70, cold drizzle turned to SNOW.  4 days ‘til June – more importantly, 30 hours before the OUTDOOR Wilpiszeski wedding begins.  Snow is good luck, right?

Hotel check-in, afternoon altitude run (’cause every day’s a run day).  Met up with Ash & Tom at ‘Wilp Manor’, the in-laws’ Airbnb mansion rental.  Rehearsal dinner followed soon after at Dam Brewery in nearby Dillon.

FAM-FEST tomorrow – hanging with Mom, my siblings & their families first-half Sunday.

3pm pictures, 5pm WEDDING!  Weather Forecast: SUNSHINE ☀



Georgetown Burro Race


Memorial Day weekend SNOW



Where there is desire

There is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame

Someone’s bound to get burned

But just because it burns

Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try

Gotta get up and try, and try, and try

You gotta get up and try, and try, and try


— “Try”, Pink (2012)


I’m an endurance runner not a skier.  BUT first-and-foremost I’m a Coloradan – it snows, we ski.

LOVE the concept of skiing, LOVE snow, high mountains, thin air.  Fear the pain of hitting hard, long-term injury.  That said — life’s meant to be lived.  No excuses, no wish I would’va – just LIVE & live BIG.

K* decree: at least once a year, every year…he will ski.  AND he will enjoy it 🙂

Post-work Friday travelled to Vail with my neighbor Larry.  Drive-share, room-share, skied on a buddy pass – Larry’s the guy to know when planning a Colorado ski vacation.  Airbnb’d in a mountain home, block or 2 from the local shuttle system – easiest/quickest way to reach the slopes (and it’s FREE vs $40 to park your car).

Saturday a.m. snow run (‘cause every day’s a run day), change of clothes, shuttle pick-up, Vail Village by 10:30.  Gondola ride UP to a choice of ski lifts.  Super cool.  Not my experience at A-Basin or our local Eldora…but I guess this is ‘Vail’.

Bad skier guide: GREEN, yes.  Black DIAMOND, heck no.  Life’s meant to be lived – but ya gotta know your limits.  4 runs from Mid-Vail before lunch, rode UP to Wildwood for lunch.  Nothing like a warm bowl of chili.

Afternoon-skied 2 runs from Wildwood, then Gitalong trail down to Vail Village.  Heavy snowfall.  LONG LONG ski on Gitalong — expected to see the Pacific at the end of my ride.  Hit hard more than a few times.  After one tumble, unlatched my binding on the attached ski, recovered its missing mate, steadied myself/rattled, struggled to stand, breathed long & deep.  ENOUGH!!!  Not a super proud moment.  Friend encouraged [me] back into skis & continue the journey home.  Next time: take the Gondola – HA!

Bruised but undeterred, I’ll be baaack 🙂  Skied the biggest, baddest mountain in Colorado, came home unbroken PLUS logged a few run miles at altitude — achieving life balance…baby steps.  #noregretlife

Next weekend: the inaugural Pueblo Marathon (short 2 ½ hours from home)



Vail Ski Day



St Mary’s GlacierFelt a bit chained to my work desk this week – month’s first week is always a busy one.

Needed to get in an outdoors fix…but couldn’t imagine another 4am alarm buzz.  Settled on a nearby glacier hike – snow, thin air, just over an hour away…yep, that’d do.

Would be my 4th trip to St. Mary’s Glacier, 20 minutes off I-70: Idaho Springs exit 238.  10am start – still early enough to secure a spot in overflow parking.  Warm, sunshiny day…MUCH better weather than the trek last summer with my Sis & family.  Cold rain fell all week that July (rare summer precip in arid Colorado)…luck of the Grecos 🙁

Seven-tenths mile UP.  UP boulders, ‘cross thin dirt trails thru evergreen cover, more boulders…then clear, pristine St. Mary’s Lake, edges iced – lake located just below the glacier, ringed by bristlecone pine & thick willow.  Snapped Colorado landscape, then started the next trek UP…thru a long willow thicket, glacier loomed LARGE ahead.  Scaled loose rock & scree ‘round the lip of St. Mary’s.

Hiked another half-mile, peered down at decades old ice, thinly covered by the previous day’s snowfall.  Early season snowboarders skimmed the glacier’s rough surface.

Air breezed cool.  Kicked back & lunch snacked.  Napped 20 minutes..little piece of heaven.

Glissaded a short stretch & made snow angels on the hike return.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Short 15-minute drive away, mineral soaked in nearby Indian Hot Springs.  Dated enclosure but the springs’ hot water muscle-soothes whatever ails ya.  Great day end.  Head back in the game, tomorrow a.m. marathoning local at the Rez.



SUNDAY – early start…but the closest commute of my marathon journey to date.  20 short minutes away, running the Boulder Reservoir today (the Rez).  4 laps ‘round, home before noon.

Unfortunately wasn’t feeling it this day.  Good first 10K, started puking between miles 11 & 12.  Finished the first Half; took a prolonged sit-down in nearby port-a-john.  Felt dizzy/unsteady, morning sun & nausea zapped.  Walked, jogged, started lap 3.  Struggled mentally, tough time.  Called it a day before mile marker 15.  DNF (did not finish).  Returned my timing chip.  Dejected, headed home.

Quick shower, hunkered down with Ro, slept the afternoon away.  LOVE LOVE my pup.  Would reset & regroup the ego tomorrow.  Whole ton of excuses – but at the end of the day, I didn’t finish.  Failing is a tough pill to swallow.


St Mary’s Glacier (melt-off sip)



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