Happy June!  3 months of Colorado summer – bring it on!!  (‘though still another half-month to hike our high peaks)

Stephen stayed an extra week after officiating Ash’s wedding – kicked off the month with some Irish music.  First stop of Byrne & Kelly’s summer tour: Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center.  Byrne & Kelly, members of the group Celtic Thunder AND Neil Byrne, Stephen’s cousin from Bray [Ireland].  Stephen in New Hampshire, his cousin Neil, Ireland – & they meet up in Boulder, Colorado.  Kismet, right?

Hadn’t been to Dairy Arts Center since last Fall’s Trail Running Film Festival.

Beautiful sunshiny weather – AWESOME start to Colorado summer, AWESOME nite of music.



Byrne and Kelly



Last week of 2 Hagas in the office.  Ash said her goodbyes Wednesday, the future in-laws were first to arrive [from New Jersey].  PS gifted the couple a [Sprout] integrated amplifier & set of [ELAC] speakers.  Very nice.  Many thanks!

Sunday wedding.  Family arrived on multiple flights mid-day Friday/Friday nite/early Saturday/Saturday afternoon.  Hit the highway Saturday morning, easy 2 hour drive – destination: Silverthorne CO, elevation 9,035ft.  BIG smile ❤

Stopped at ‘The Happy Cooker’ in Georgetown for late breakfast/early lunch.  Window seat.  During the meal, saw an unusual number of pack mules.  As luck would have it, BEST LOCATION to watch today’s Burro Race.  Finish Line literally across the street.  Promptly paid my tab & watched the day’s first finishers.  LOVE LOVED it – start of what’s undoubtedly gonna be a SUPER FUN weekend!


13th Annual Historic Georgetown Railroad & Mining Days Pack Burro Race

Georgetown, Colorado


The Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation seeks to continue a great sport begun by Colorado’s miners.


Approximately 8-9 miles from Georgetown to Empire and back. Remember to follow traffic pattern around the roundabout, yield to downhill runners, and stick around after you’re done to check for ticks.  And, there will be a prize at the end of the race for the runner who picks up the most trash on the course!


Entry fee: $50

Weigh-in time:  9:00 am

Start time:  11:00 am

Race Director: Bill Lee (Red Tail) – 720-234-8200 –


Back on I-70, cold drizzle turned to SNOW.  4 days ‘til June – more importantly, 30 hours before the OUTDOOR Wilpiszeski wedding begins.  Snow is good luck, right?

Hotel check-in, afternoon altitude run (’cause every day’s a run day).  Met up with Ash & Tom at ‘Wilp Manor’, the in-laws’ Airbnb mansion rental.  Rehearsal dinner followed soon after at Dam Brewery in nearby Dillon.

FAM-FEST tomorrow – hanging with Mom, my siblings & their families first-half Sunday.

3pm pictures, 5pm WEDDING!  Weather Forecast: SUNSHINE ☀



Georgetown Burro Race


Memorial Day weekend SNOW




Gotta say – last week’s marathon result really really stung.  Been putting in the time, working hard.  Heat or no heat – never expected to throw a 5 hour marathon result again.  Aside from the mental struggle of a sub-par performance, took ‘til Wednesday to bounce back physically.  Nauseous, early week pace all over the place in my training runs.

8.7 miles Wednesday, 12.2 miles Thursday.  Back on track.  Unlike last week, took a taper day [on] Friday.  Easy 2 mile jog, marathoning Saturday morning in Brighton – 2nd weekend my run commute would be under 30 minutes.  Nice 🙂

FUN FACT: to keep costs down, Director reused old race bibs.  Tomorrow I’d be running a Ladies 9K event from 2014.  LOL>

Early wake-up, early Start.  Cold morning.  35 degrees, woke to rain.  Swapped rain for sleet as Brighton temps dipped just under freezing.  Small race, 20 laps ‘round a flat 1.3 mile course.  20 laps, ugh.  Packed a run bag with all my fave food & drinks.  Tucked under a picnic area awning – would have 20 opportunities to grab a snack.

6am Start.  Went out fast, hung a quarter-mile behind the lead pack.  Followed the flags, made my way once around the course.  Multiple mud crossings, developed a rhythm.  Lap 4: gloppy cold rain, mix of wet snow & rain.  Increased speed, held an 8:20/min pace, started picking off runners.  Slowed — ran an easy 9:30/min mile — every third interval.

1:56 Half marathon.  Not a personal best…but the fastest I’d run post-cancer.  Mentally knew: pacing too quick – it’s a marathon, not a 10K.  Would keep running STRONG 3 more laps, then reassess.  Not targeting a new PR ‘til September…but what if.  What if today everything came together for my first sub-4 since 2015.  Logged a slow loop, but surprisingly followed with two sub-9/min miles.

Rain stopped at lap 17 (22 miles).  Fizzling, running empty/outta gas, 9:40 lap.  Refueled, sucked down 2 packets of soft food.   A minute+ under sub-4, quickly eating thru my time bank.  2 laps remaining.  Lap 19, run clock read 3:51.  Legs like lead, breathing labored.  Pushing hard, forward thru mud, sloppy conditions – no longer avoiding the muddiest stretches.  Everything I have this day, no holding back.

Finish time – unfortunately, just missed – 4:01:34.  No sub-4, not today…but almost there.

Fastest run of 2017.  Strike that – fastest run since March 2015 & a new Colorado PR.  3rd place Male, 4th overall.


2017 Runs With Scissors – April 22, 2017


Male Marathon Results

Place      Name               Age    Time

  1. Nicholas Ferron     34    03:00:18
  2. David Jepsen        41    03:22:44
  3. K R Haga            50    04:01:34




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