Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods


January 2018 update:  Tough to start a new Challenge 10 days BEFORE the holidays – but that’s when this year’s Bighorn training program began, 6 months before RUN day: June 16, 2018.

Packed on 21 pounds between June & December 2017.  Ideal to be REVEL Rockies weight again this June.  Month’s food distractions: Christmas, New Year’s & Hawaii.  Not really much of a dieter.  Dropped .2 pounds first Month – yep, ZERO.2 🙁



  • January 1st – entry confirmed in Antarctica’s White Continent 50K (January 2019)
  • January 5th – Bighorn 2018 Registration (signed-up while in Hawaii, 100M distance sold-out)
  • January Week 2 – new Personal Best: 74.7 miles (most miles recorded in a single week EVER)


February MANTRA: Stay CALM – it’s a journey, not a Sprint

Hawaii/beginning of January (Ash), Disney World/end of month (Michaela/David).  End-of-year reporting/Annual Budget due at work.  On-call jury duty/U.S. District Court: February 5 thru March 2ndTHREE pre-registered out-of-state marathons: 50 States x2 Goal.

Breathe, Life happens.  Remember: it’s a 6-month Challenge.


Race ReCap:  Hilo to Volcano 50K (sea level to 4000ft), Hawaii 🌺

Marathoning Streak:  50 months

Mileage ReCap:  ended January at 157 miles (24 miles short of GOAL)


Lands End to John O’Groats

1083 miles, the length of Britain

GOAL: 15 June 2018


Ended Month 1 in Farringdon, a village in county Devon.

The manor of Farringdon was long held by the “de Farringdon” family, whose pedigree from the early 13th century to the late 16th century is given in the Heraldic Visitations of Devon.  Lancelot Farringdon (d.1598) “a proper and discret gentleman in outward show” was the last in the male line and committed suicide, was “found hanged in his bedchamber by his garter to the bedstead”.  His estates passed to his two sisters, Abigail Farringdon, the elder, married to John Drake of Peter Tavy in Devon, and Mary Farringdon, the younger sister whose share of the inheritance included Farringdon, married to William Cooper.


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