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EPCOT, is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, often interchanging “city” and “community.”


The model community of Celebration, Florida has been mentioned as a realization of Disney’s original vision, but Celebration is based on concepts of new urbanism — radically different from Disney’s modernist & futurist visions.


Early start Sunday, missed bib pick-up the day before (EPCOT day 🙂 ). 5:30am meet-up in Celebration Park, race start an hour-half later.  Humid Florida morning – expecting showers Sunday 2nd half.  Magic Kingdom ‘Poncho’ day.

Flat 2-lap course.  Crowded start, 80% of participants running the Half.  National Anthem.  Ready ready to run.

Bunched around the 4:30 pace group.  I always go out fast, then nothing in the tank later.  Maybe if I force myself slow, I’ll finish with a smile.  Worth a try.  Short on my miles past 2 weeks, I’ll take a slower/happy finish – FAMILY in Magic Kingdom later.

Work/life struggle all month, no consistency since Hawaii.  Lotta livin’ 1st Half, lotta workin’ 2nd Half.  Notta lotta balance.

Digged hangin’ with a Pace Group.  Easy 8 miles.  Ran ahead of Pacer Dave, hit miles 12 & 13 hard, 2:02 first Half.  “Made haste for the waste“, a much-needed porta-potty stop.  10 minutes ahead: expected to see my clique soon after.

Miles 14, 15, 16: no familiar faces.  Ho, hum.  Started to drag, put on some tunes.  Mile 18.  Still no rain, hyper-sweating in the tropics.  Saw three folks from my 4:30 group dragging the sign.  Pacer Dave had dropped.  How often does that happen?

Wiped, lack of energy.  Stopped to snap shots of my Florida journey.  Drop, drop, drop – more sweat.  Ran into my eyes, burned.

Thick muggy air, warm drizzle, high HUMIDITY.  Slow-walked, just didn’t have it in me.  Combination of hearty ‘Disney Plan’ meals & yesterday’s EPCOT walkathon.  Heard the announcer.  Day’s Finish across the Lake, 2 more miles.  Felt like it’d never end 🙁

Blood pressure: 80 over 50.  Spent my post-Finish with EMTs in the medic tent.  Dehydrated (puking since mile 22).

Car, shower, shuttle bus, amusement park.  Quick turnaround.  Arrived 20 minutes before our all-American Liberty Tree Tavern lunch reservation.  Would rain the remainder of my last Disney day.  Spent 3 hours shuffling between indoor venues: the Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Pirates of Caribbean, Under the Sea (Little Mermaid) & the Haunted Mansion.

Monday morning: Orlando, Florida.  Work afternoon: Boulder, Colorado.  Crazy fast-paced world.  #noregretlife



Celebration, Florida

Sunday, January 28, 2018




238    K R Haga   Louisville   CO    5:15:34      




Magic Kingdom 2018




Dream.  Set goals.  Take action.  Faith/unwavering Belief/bit of Luck & those Dreams, probabilities.  Recipe for LIFE SUCCESS.

  • Actionable Dreams = Successful Goals 

It’s NOT like winning the lottery, it doesn’t happen by CHANCE.  Often a bit of LUCK’s involved however, I wholeheartedly believe we create our own LUCK.  Putting ourselves in WINNING positions/CREATING OPPORTUNITY by taking ACTION on our DREAMS.

My short story: Rural background, no funds, personal life complications.  Re-started university after my peers had already graduated.  Bachelors, Masters, worked thru college, all degrees Finance-related – not my Dream but me/my family needed to eat.

In addition to traditional business courses, I studied German, Swedish, French & English.  2 semesters of Spanish, one semester Italian.  I wanted to see the WORLD.  Didn’t know how that was possible but called it out to the Universe.

Opportunity struck.  Four years outta college, work-transferred to Russia.  Europe, North Africa, trip to Asia.  Fast-forward 20 years: gonna marathon ALL 7 continents.  Making this Dream actionable.  April 8th: São Paulo, Brazil.


But first TODAY…walking ‘round the World.  EPCOT World Showcase, my fave of all the Disney Parks 🙂

Breakfast in Norway, buffet dinner in Germany.  Fave ride: Test Track.

Whole lotta walking, walking ’round the World.  Probably not the BEST prep for a morning Marathon.  Yep, he said Marathon.  Don’t fly anywhere without adding another 26.2 to the tally.  FAMILY meet-up in the afternoon.  It’s a Small Small World  ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯



EPCOT World Showcase



Finding it harder & harder to coordinate FAMILY time, as the Hagas ‘Next Generation’ get older & older.  I get it, I also was 20 once. Hmm…. Think…  If you buy them, they will come.  Disney World tickets, of course 🙂

[ALL the Next Gens were Disney-introduced early in life, each still in diapers.  It’s one commonality they share ❤]


Hopped a late Thursday nite flight to Orlando.  Rental car pick-up, hotel check-in, sleeps: 2am Florida time.  Yikes!  Morning plans? Breakfast, groceries & a hair cut.  True story.  Personal life/work.  Hard to fit EVERYTHING in sometimes.  #noregretlife

Connecticut FAMILY meet-up: 11am.  Next stop: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Stormtroopers (FUN), Sci-Fi Diner (FOOD), whole lotta live-action shows (WOW) – Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast and Frozen.  Half-day Disney FULL.  Hotel by 8pm, Epcot in the morning.  Breakfasting in Norway.  FAAANNNNTASTIC!



Hollywood Studios 2018



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