Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


September 2017 update:  168 the hard way.

Hit my miles but needed a bonus 50K on the 30th to do it.  Two marathons & a 50K this month.  H-U-G-E!  September officially marks Autumn in Colorado but ‘round the rest of the country, very much Indian Summer.  Can’t change the weather, all part of the journey.

Attended another 50 State reunion.  Left MOTIVATED to complete a 2nd lap of our country – 2018/2019, my 50 State Déjà Vu tour.  Embracing the addiction (surprisingly, already 19 states in) 🙂


3-month focus: STAY the COURSE

Yeh, nutrition could always improve.  Should do crunches to strength my core (increase speed).  Consistent mileage week-over-week would be ideal.  HOWEVERthis year, I’ve been getting it done.  October, November, December – only 3 months left – less than 100 miles/month will complete the year.  2017 miles in 2017!

NEXT month in Dublin IRELAND, finishing marathon #100.  CELEBRATION time!


Race ReCap:  2 marathons, one 50K.  One on road, two on trail, 3 different time zones (Eastern/Central/Mountain).

Marathoning Streak:  46 months

Mileage ReCap:  ended September at 1,719 miles (206 miles ahead of goal)



THE UNKNOWN | The Hardrock 100



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