Weddings are interesting events.


Main event – 2 people publicly proclaiming a lifetime bond.

Secondary side show – whatta crazy social experiment.  The mix of peoples can be a total crap shoot.  How these 2 diverse families would ever be in the same room, sometimes seems unimaginable.


My clan hails from the South, Sis from St Louis (more Midwest than South), my prodigy New England.

The groom’s family – New Jersey.  Both of Tom’s parents come from large families (8+ sisters/brothers).  Then those siblings have kids & some of their kids have kids.  That’s a lot of Jersey in one room.


My posse: friendly but reserved.  Groom’s family: LOUD, so much laughing – and these folks LOVE to dance.  SUPER FUN time.

You marry the person, not their family but… when that family is absolutely amazing – double Happy.


Fave reception memory?  Couple dance with my Mom — how often does THAT happen?  FULL heart ❤



Mother-Son Dance


Father-Daughter Encore



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