Two sets of parents, best man/maid-of-honor – then enter, Colorado’s newest Mr. & Mrs.

Arms raised, couple took the room like a sports stadium.  BOOM!


First Dance: romantic waltz, fancy turns, lotta smiles.  BEAUTIFUL.  Couple danced to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’.

Dinner, champagne toast.  Bring on the parents.  Two dances: Mom & Groom, Father & Bride.


Heart pumping.  Ya’ll know, there’d been lessons.  Prime Time: Dancing with the Stars (Bride edition).

Country ballad, 2 turns, dip at the end.  Cue: ‘Yeah’ by Usher.  This Dad, this day?  Totally brought it.  Whole lotta crowd support, never met a Wilpiszeski I didn’t instantly LOVE.   Super FUN family.  Memory I’ll share with Ash, a lifetime ❤



Grand Entrance


First Dance, CONGA & ‘Fireball’ 


Father-Daughter Dance



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