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Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


May 2017 update:  Ash & Tom’s Colorado wedding dominated everything May – attendees represented all 4 U.S. time zones.  HUGE life moment.  Not a record month of miles but still exceeded 200 miles for a 5th consecutive month.  Two more marathon finishes, completed my 3rd Canadian province – tally now at 90.  On track to celebrate marathon #100 in Ireland, October 29th.


June focus: HYDRATION

As temps heat up this summer, gotta solve the riddle.  Hydration & nutrition – my marathon nemeses.  Consciously increasing raw vegetable & fruit intake all summer.  ‘Tis the season, local foods available, time to focus/commit.

BIG supporter of local Boulder business – LOVE LOVE my Newtons (third year, same core brand).  However, gonna mix up hydration this summer (been using Skratch Labs).  No set solution, sampling Tailwind & Crank Sports’ e-Fuel next month.


Race ReCap:  2 countries, 2 marathons – same East Coast time zone.  Cold run in Toronto, warm finish in New Hampshire.

Streaks:  159 consecutive run days, 42 months marathoning

Mileage ReCap:  fifth 200+ mile month, ended May at 1,056 miles (216 miles ahead of goal, 2017 half-way mark)



Silverthorne Wedding Day run



Alarm came early, morning after the wedding.  Hike day!  But first, another 4 mile trek along Silverthorne’s Blue River Trail (’cause every day’s a run day).  Altitude, check.  Thin air, check check.  Guilted Sis into joining me.  St. Louis has peaks, right?

Clothes change, backpack, piled into the Grecos SUV rental – heading UP.

The Buffalo Mountain Trail is fairly short but strenuous, gaining over 3000′ in just 2.75 miles. Portions of the trail negotiate steep switchbacks and rugged talus fields above treeline, which require careful time management and equal exertion on the descent.

Short quarter-mile trek thru lodgepole pine then SNOW.  Entire Greco family on today’s hike PLUS Stephen (working next week from Colorado).  Sis & nephew Jack went out fast.  In theory, niece Victoria doesn’t hike – she’d finish the same snow trek UP UP UP, all while holding a GoPro.  Despite the snow, sun blazed warm.  Perfect hike weather.  The trail itself, crazy steep.  Snow, snow melt, ice.

 N39 37.217 W106 07.809 — 1.5 miles : Rapid climb through high subalpine forest

Breathe.  Hike.  Suck down more water…and hike again.  Snow to the left, snow to the right, surrounded by pine – but the path always UP UP UP.  Never reached a point where the trail leveled off.  Going back was crazy fun.  Mix of slide, backside & feet.

For the record – I’m the one who called it.  No mas.  PLUS we’ve got afternoon plans 🙂

Splash bath in the hotel public restroom (already checked out of my room).  Saved a table in Frisco while Team Greco took proper showers.  Lunch choice: Greco’s Pastaria.  Seemed fitting (‘though we failed to receive any ‘Greco family’ discount) 🙂

Day’s last activity: Frisco Escape Room.

Colorado’s Favorite Historically Inspired Escape Room!

Frisco Escape Room is a fun, challenging, immersive, interactive game experience taking place every day. While it looks like an ordinary room, it’s actually a puzzle. During your adventure in our escapes, you will find yourself flexing your brain and looking in nooks and crannies you never even noticed. Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom. You have a limited amount of time, so be quick!

Entered the room, received our instructions.  No cameras, phones allowed.  Timer started & the game began.

In 1898 Pug Ryan and his gang robbed the Denver Hotel on Main St. in Breckenridge making off with considerable loot. The men fled to a cabin in Kokomo where they were soon caught up with by two lawmen. A shootout ensued, resulting in the death of Pug’s partner and both lawmen. Pug narrowly escaped leaving behind his ill-gotten gains. Ten years later, school children stumble upon the treasure while having a luncheon on Jacque Mountain. Among the loot, was the gold pocket watch that belonged to Robert Foote, the owner of the Denver Hotel.


The year is 1908. You’re a miner who’s been down on their luck. You’ve just heard that some school children have found the loot from the Denver Hotel heist. Rumor is that they have stashed it in the schoolhouse until they can get it back to Mr. Foote. Can you sneak into the classroom and steal the watch while the kids finish their luncheon?

Locked in a 1908 schoolroom.  Blackboard, desks, lockers.  US Map & The Periodic Table, hung from the wall.

Tick, tick, tick.  10 minutes in, nothing.  Bell rang, timer revealed a hint.  Closer on the 2nd clue.  Bell rang again, ARGH – soooo close, seemed so obvious.  Clues progressively got harder.  At the same time, we grew stronger/more intuitive/worked together as a Team.

Periodic table — NINE — 3rd # of the combination lock.  Got it!

  • N – Nitrogen
  • I – Iodine
  • Ne – Neon

School books found inside each desk.  Puzzle piece on top of the lockers, placed over page 53 in ‘Treasure Island’ revealed 4 letters, to be used on an alpha lock, drawer in the Teacher’s desk.  Inside?  Answer key to the students’ history tests.

That’s it, no more spoilers.  Locked in an old schoolroom with family – absolutely the BEST!!



Buffalo Cabin Trail  (short video before GoPro died — thanks Victoria!)



Weddings are interesting events.


Main event – 2 people publicly proclaiming a lifetime bond.

Secondary side show – whatta crazy social experiment.  The mix of peoples can be a total crap shoot.  How these 2 diverse families would ever be in the same room, sometimes seems unimaginable.


My clan hails from the South, Sis from St Louis (more Midwest than South), my prodigy New England.

The groom’s family – New Jersey.  Both of Tom’s parents come from large families (8+ sisters/brothers).  Then those siblings have kids & some of their kids have kids.  That’s a lot of Jersey in one room.


My posse: friendly but reserved.  Groom’s family: LOUD, so much laughing – and these folks LOVE to dance.  SUPER FUN time.

You marry the person, not their family but… when that family is absolutely amazing – double Happy.


Fave reception memory?  Couple dance with my Mom — how often does THAT happen?  FULL heart ❤



Mother-Son Dance


Father-Daughter Encore



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