Twenty two years ago on April 19, 1995, the unthinkable happened. 168 innocent people were killed by a truck bomb detonated by a fellow American. In the first hours after the Oklahoma City bombing, Oklahomans began to immediately respond by helping and creating small makeshift memorials around the perimeter of the bombsite – mounds of flowers, stuffed animals, personal notes, cards and prayers. Each person remembered and honored those killed in their own way. In 11 days, you and around 25,000 other runners will do the same. You run to keep their memory alive and by doing so, help to ensure people around the world know the impact of violence.


We hope at 9:02am today you will pause for 168 seconds of silence with us. During this time of reflection, honor those who were killed, those who survived, and those changed forever, and feel gratitude for being able to carry their legacy with you on April 30th.

The Gates of Time


Direct flight from Denver but arrived an hour late in Oklahoma City.  Who knew it would be snowing two days before the start of May?  Spring in Colorado – LOVE it!  High wind & rain greeted in OKC.  Trees down, traffic lights out (all weekend long) but…NO tornadoes, I call it a win 🙂

Marathon bib pickup, home to NBA’s Thunder.  Walked 4 long blocks to the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum.  This is the reason I chose tomorrow’s run – proceeds fund the Memorial…and we remember.  We remember the victims of America’s first domestic terrorist attack.  168 lives.

The Museum was as moving as it was upsetting.  Multimedia news feeds, recorded audio (blast occurred during a local ‘water rights’ court case), relics & interviews.  I felt as if I were reliving the events of the day.  Well done…just not my thing.

[despite the rain] found the Outdoor Memorial a better fit/more my style.

— Reflecting Pool

— Survivor Tree

— The Gates of Time

— Field of Empty Chairs

At each of these outdoor memorials, I reflected.  Reflected on what I had seen in the Museum: on the lines of people giving blood, on the crowd of locals assisting firefighters digging thru rubble.  One of the most moving experiences of my life.  Proud American moment.



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