An intense north Atlantic storm pushed an unusual surge of sea ice at St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Friday, a sight not seen by some locals in decades.


The powerful Atlantic low, centered about 400 miles southeast of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, produced strong northeast winds gusting up to 70 mph in parts of Newfoundland.


This was the second major north Atlantic storm in a week.


End-of-month at work, no chance of taking [off] the day…especially after a half-month away in New Zealand.  Friday night East Coast flight, connection in Chicago – Saturday a.m. marathoning in West Haven, CT.  Tomorrow’s forecast – rain.

Descending from the clouds, water poured off my window.  Not just rain, sloppy sleet & ice.  Airport hotel by 1am, up again at 5.  Crazy quick turnaround.  Hour-15 minute drive to today’s marathon start.  April 1st – ironically, my first official ‘Spring’ 26.2 of 2017.

Race day bib pickup, bitter cold porta-potty, then retreated to the car for a 20 minute nap.  Aside from visiting friends & family this East Coast trip, would be marathoning today with my Indiana pal, Carolyn.  Finishing 26.2 in CT, would up her 50-State tally to 41.  Go Carolyn!

8am Start, 2 loop course, cold & windy, 100% chance of rain.  Beanie-opted after a ball cap gusted off my head.  Luckily, weather man got it all wrong this day.  NO rain.  Strong headwind first 2 miles before skirting into town.  Closely knit Brownstones provided multiple wind breaks in this old New England town.  Mile 5 or 6, local WWI Memorial (photo opp).

Hilly run, deceptive beach o’ hills.  Reality: hills helped equalize pace.  UP UP UP, I’d lead.  Downhill or flats, Carolyn flew.

Lap 2: took almost a 10-minute break.  Indoor restroom, change of socks, waited while Carolyn de-layered (we had prepared for heavy rain).  Head down, pushed thru the wind.  Lost our way 2-3 miles in.  Flagged down a police car who called in our location & got us back on track – 15 minutes, eight-tenths long, my first ultra of 2017 🙁  Stayed uber-focused race remainder…running long is never fun.

Nothing left/outta fuel at mile 24.  ‘Go on, see you at the Finish’ – instead, Carolyn urged me forward.  Good egg, thanks friend.

Back along the Sound, pushed thru swirling wind, circled ’round Savin Rock, then brought it home.  15 minutes slower than expected but another marathon FINISH.  #85, my 2nd in Connecticut.


Savin Rock Marathon & Half Marathon – April 1, 2017

Marathon » Overall Results


192      K R Haga        4:39:26.97


Goodbyes to my running pal, [she] needed to log 5 hours under her belt before hotel-crashing for the night [long drive home to Indiana].  I, on the other hand, enjoyed an impromptu dinner party with friends.  Lived 9 years in New Haven, LOVE LOVE these guys!



Savin Rock Marathon



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