Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


February 2017 update:  shortest month of the year, 2nd 200-mile month of 2017 – HUGE confidence builder!  Finished 3 more marathons.  On track for #100 in Ireland, including a marathon-lite, hike-heavy July & August.  Finding balance in 2017.



Not gonna kid ya, this year’s run goal has been tough – literally EVERY day of 2017 been a run day.  Pre-marathon, post-marathon, sick days & SNOW.  Found myself logging run miles an hour before skiing Vail last month.

the Positive?  RESULTS.  Lean, UP 4 lbs & STRONG.  Nicked finish time from each successive marathon this year.

In New Zealand ‘til March 19th — will be cutting new trails in 9 towns, on 2 islands.  Photo-blogging the ‘run watch’ to hold myself accountable.  Reward?  Gonna see more than your average tourist – each morning: new run, brand new area.

Last day in New Zealand?  Kirikiriroa Marathon in Hamilton.  Heck yeah!


Race ReCap:  3 marathons, 3 states.  Snow-trekked the Groundhog Day Marathon in Grand Rapids [Michigan], ran a [2nd Half] negative split in Pueblo [Colorado], then finished sub-4:30 on a hilly course in Texas – at Fort Worth’s Cowtown Marathon.

Streaks: 67 consecutive run days, 39th consecutive month marathoning

Mileage ReCap:  another 200+ mile month, ended February at 366 miles (30 miles ahead of goal)




Run the Year – March Newsletter


The Run The Year Challenge is all about getting healthier, but physical fitness is only one aspect of overall well being. The Chase Your Bliss Challenge is about advancing your emotional fitness.


“Once you learn how to be happy you won’t tolerate people who make you feel anything less.” – Germany Kent


Just like the Run The Year Challenge, the Chase Your Bliss Challenge is about challenging yourself to do more.  It is not a competition with anyone but yourself, so go out there and maximize your happiness!



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