Days later I still think about it.  Was running his passion?  Meaning…if one had to die, was it just as well he died marathoning?  Did he believe in a hereafter?  Was his family waiting near the Finish?  Was he running with friends?  It was over so quick…did he see God?


McKinney, TX  44


Facebook page looks like wife and 2 kids, posts in Japanese?

Think he worked for Toyota.


It may bring you some peace. He had completed the Dallas Marathon in December of 2015 & 2016.  And earlier marathons in California, he wasn’t a new runner.


Plane ride home to Colorado provided much-needed relief/mental rest.  Think I had been in shock, all thoughts shrouded in Hiro’s death.  Failed to take a Finish pic, didn’t even enter my mind.  Super shaky & confused.  Crossed the Finish, was directed to Medical.  Laid down, took fluids, asked about Hiro.  They had no info.  Up in 20 minutes, located my rental, airport-returned to Dallas Love Field.  Restroom splash bath, change-of-clothes in the handicapped stall – best I could manage.

39th The Cowtown

Sunday 02/26/2017

Ft Worth, TX


4:29:02           581      K R      Haga   Louisville        CO       MARATHON


Texted Sis.  In her occupation, she sees life & death every day.  Lotta comfort from her words.  Much appreciated Sis!

If it makes you feel any better it happens a lot.  As many races as you’ve done I’m surprised you haven’t seen it yet.  We were at Disney and saw one being revived after a half.  She was about 50 and 45 lbs overweight.  Luckily she collapsed at a hotel full of cardiologists and surgeons.  He [Hiro] obviously had cardiomyopathy or some kind of lethal arrhythmia.  There’s nothing you can do to save them.  It’s sobering and horrible but not your fault.  As a runner I would rather go like that than slowly with cancer and suffer.  I think….I’ve seen a lot of people die and you still lose sleep over it.  Live life to the fullest.  Celebrate every breath and remember to tell the important people in your life you ❤ them.  It does make you feel better.  ❤ u.


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Jogged in the last tenth-mile.  No fist pump, no celebration, death sobered today’s Finish.  Home.  Fort Worth to Dallas – 45 minutes, just me & my thoughts.  Radio off, focused on driving.  Horrible dream you just can’t shake.  Scene kept playing over-n-over in my head.

I can text later tonite or tomorrow – finished marathon – emotionally super upset – watched a runner die at 26.1 miles – just texting this makes me tear up again – Asian guy named Hiro – they worked on him for 10 minutes before paramedics took him away – kinda takes away from my marathon experience, fastest all year – even waiting with Hiro as he passed

It was so horrible

Convulsing first then he just passed

He spun & tried to catch a pole, then went down on pavement

Too upset to eat, boarding in 30 minutes – I’m so extremely upset – I’ve never seen someone die – it was horrible – another maniac waited with me & then the race medics until the ambulance came

His spirit just left his body


Course ended flat but nothing left in the tank/pushed too hard too soon.  No breaking 4 hours…again [getting closer].  Just couldn’t break 9 minutes after mile 18.  Briefly bench-sat by Mark Twain in Trinity Park (it’s a thing in Fort Worth, Google it 🙂 ).

Lost the crowd at mile 10 – Halfers veered right, marathoners straight ahead.  Hill at mile 11, mile 14, steady climb 16-18.  Shoulders back, head up.  Tough course!  STRONG for 23 miles then dropped off pace.

Heard a lot about hills…in particular, the Main Street Bridge at mile 8.  Still sharing the field with Halfers, took to the left & started picking ‘em off – runner after runner.  Not expecting next year’s free entry but no hangin’ my head in shame either.  STRONG!

The infamous Main Street Bridge (.344 mile hill) will be part of a new competitive opportunity for all Sunday runners this year. We will have a timing mat at the bottom of the hill, as well as the top. The fastest non-elite female and male runners to ascend the hill in each of the three distances (Ultra, Full, Half) will win a free entry into next year’s race!


Fave part of race: running thru the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Cobblestone path thru Fort Worth’s historic district.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Late registration so I started WAY back.  Corralled with the 5:30 pace group – would spend 2 miles dodging walkers while the field thinned.  At 3.6 miles, caught the 4:30 pack.  2 minutes between every corral start, meant I was pacing a 3:45 finish.  Too fast, too soon.  SLOW down!  Back to running with a watch next month.  Live & learn.

Slept less than 2 miles away but still woke early – needed to locate parking.  Marathon morning for 8,000 runners…my biggest race since 2015.  Generally a bigger fan of smaller town locales, trail treks.  Whole lotta folks but still bumped into Austin-based Maniac, Mike Perez.  Last ran with Mike at the Rockin’ K in Kanopolis Kansas (all-time trail fave, 5 water crossings).  Small world.




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