Imagine yourself doing something BIG this year.  Imagine making a New Year’s Resolution that lasts all year long…it might sound difficult at first, but believe us when we say, “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”


Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


January 2017 update: the miles don’t lie – AWESOME start to 2017.  Completed my 2016 goal on the 10th – contributing 76 shorted miles to last year’s tally…THEN, banged out an additional 150+ miles toward the New Year.  2 January marathons & 39 consecutive run days (started my run challenge Christmas Eve) – couldn’t be more pumped, no better news.

Well…unless one’s told your body’s CANCER FREE – yep, THAT happened in January too.


  • Running at least one mile EVERY day of 2017 – 10 minutes a day…who doesn’t have 10 minutes a day – to enhance/enjoy/improve/embrace LIFE!
  • Haven’t missed a month marathoning since December 2013 – Marathon #100 Goal: Oct 29th in IRELAND!
  • AND a new PR (personal record) – haven’t sub-4’d since March 2015…it’s time


2 month focus (January & February): CONSISTENCY

Like any change, the first 2 weeks is always the hardest.  This year’s goal – 365 run days – leaves no room for mediocrity.


Race ReCap: two marathons: kicked off 2017 [New Year’s Day] in Spring Hill FL running aside a local toll road (but had 2 amazing morning runs in Clearwater 🙂 ); then ran 26.2 two weeks later on Robins AFB, just outside of Macon GA.

Streaks: 39 consecutive run days, 38th consecutive month marathoning

Mileage ReCap:  200+ mile month (76 added to last year’s tally), ended January at 153 miles (just 15 short of goal)



Happy New Year, 2017ers!


All of us at Run The Edge want to welcome you, officially, to the start of the Run The Year 2017 Challenge! Are you ready to dominate 2017? This year is going to be full of inspiration, motivation, progress, and miles. Are you ready?


We know that this first week will be full of energy and excitement. If you are in the Facebook group, please help each other with questions and help newcomers feel welcome! We’re relying on everyone to stay positive, patient, and keep the spirit of community alive and well!


We don’t expect any hiccups or issues with the mileage tracker, but it is NEW and will be experiencing a lot of traffic in the first few days! Please know that if we find any glitches or have any issues, we will work hard to get them resolved in the coming days.


Lastly, we would like to encourage you to make these two New Year’s Resolutions as you begin this challenge:


One: Work hard and consistently to reach your goals

Two: Encourage and support others to reach theirs


This challenge is personal. It is not a race against others but an opportunity to achieve your own goals whatever they may be. We have people of all ages, abilities, colors, sizes, and ethnicities, sharing this journey and each of us comes to this challenge with our own unique set of circumstances. If you follow the two resolutions above you are almost certain to have a wonderful year.


From all of us at Run The Edge, we are so grateful for your support and belief in us. We will work hard for you all year long to make sure Run The Year 2017 is a great experience!


Happy New Year and let’s crush some miles in 2017!



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