“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Finished marathoning all 50 States May 1st — HUGE life goal complete, on top of the world…what could go wrong?

unexplained puking late May, an official cancer diagnosis in July, last chemo treatment December 22nd – it’s been a long unexpected road. Month of December was probably the worst: 3 chemo treatments, lotta hair loss AND the holidays.  breathe: This too shall pass.

Endoscopy on January 10th.  Same doc who did my first, first doc I dropped from my Team.  “I’m trying to expand your life span”: most poorly timed words heard on Day 1.  Been told [by 2 different doctors], he’s one of the best [so never burn bridges].  Long day of fasting, afternoon procedure.  Blood work detected nothing (but didn’t last July either).

It looks really good.”  4 biopsies, waited a week for results.  No spots.

Tammy · Best bday present.  My brother’s biopsy was today.  Preliminary results came back clean.  Cancer not there.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  #wecelebrating


Not officially ‘cancer-free’ for 5 years…but in complete remission.  No spots – all gone.

Complete remission means that tests, physical exams, and scans show that all signs of your cancer are gone.


2016 Summer/Fall/Winter: Dropped off social media, kept my cancer diagnosis private – my journey, my choice.


Short list of folks to thank:

my Sis, friends Stephen & Dawn: thanks for letting me say out loud what was crowding my head, for letting me talk without providing advice in return, for being there on really down days/when it really mattered

this year’s bride-to-be, Ash: thanks for being there if ever needed, available any time, any day — just ’cause I didn’t take advantage of the offer often, doesn’t mean I didn’t know you were there

Mom: 2 texts a day, card EVERY week in my mailbox — if I didn’t say thanks every time, know your cards were much appreciated

my Bro: for texting ridiculous, often hideous pics from my childhood past — laughter from the soul Bro, many thanks

running pal Carolyn: thanks for making me feel ‘normal’ during an abnormal time of life — a text every morning, asking me how far did I run each day/holding me accountable, no excuse for cancer — thanks friend.

Jim, Paul & Terri (my employer) — thanks for keeping my personal matters private; not judging when I gravitated from prayer/diet to immunology treatment & later chemo; trusting/granting time to say ‘when & if I could no longer do my job’.  Never felt pressured ❤️

friends Sarah & Larry, fellow marathoner Stacy, surrogate ‘step-Mom’ Donna, cousins Denise, Regina & Chuck – thanks for your prayers; it’s not what you said, ‘hi & I’m thinking of you’ was plenty 🙂


I am mentally & physically strong.  Thankfully, I’m a marathoner.  I allow myself good days & bad days.  My Christian faith is HUGE.  100% all in — marathon distance not a 5K sprint.


— from the dreaded C word (August 16, 2016)



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  • Sarah says:

    Yahoo!!! Glad my random txts helped you, but really think it was your strength, determination and strength that was really the most inspiring to me.

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