Georgia or Vegas – either location keeps me on my 100 marathon path.

Two/three marathons a month (Jan-June, Sept-Oct), only one in July & August (attitude climbing both months).  Running consistent, training hard, on track for Dublin/October 29th.  Set a goal, visualize/see yourself there, make it happen.

Friday morning flight to Atlanta – chose Georgia, same day bib pick-up, AFB run location.  LOVE our country & any experience which supports our Armed Forces.  PLUS travelled to Hoover Dam just last month (Vegas run option).

Flight delay in Charlotte, didn’t ATL jet-bridge ‘til almost 7pm.  2 hour drive to Macon, quick shuteye, early a.m. start.

Much of the South was coated in ice just a week ago.  Many marathon friends were disappointed when Mississippi Blues cancelled their annual event.  6 days later – what a difference!  Gonna be a warm one today, high would top 80 degrees.

2 laps, 13.1 mile course = marathon medal #80.  Unexpected marathon delay…didn’t actually start running ‘til almost 9.  Sun already high.  Yep, gonna cook today.  Both of my 2017 winter runs have been crazy warm & balmy.

2 miles thru housing & base training facilities, short wooded trek, then 3 miles of open-space…ran parallel to the Base air strip.  Hefty hill at mile 10, popped up into a manicured golf course, easy rolling hills – one lap complete.

Second lap: started slow, stayed slow.  Walked in Florida 2 weeks ago, a steady jog would be momentum-building from last race.  ALSO, no meds – neither pain nor nausea pills (purposely didn’t pack either).  Ground heating up, air strip rotation ahead: no trees.

Watched participants shed their shirts.  Always been too self conscious to race shirtless.  NO more.

Pushed up the course’s one sizeable hill (now mile 23) & slogged to the Finish.  Zapped, always struggle in heat, breathing’s all over the place.  Not a great finish, but improved 20 minutes on 2017’s first marathon.

3 week break ‘til my next 26.2 mile trek…legs getting stronger, no more gutting thru 26.2.


Museum of Aviation Marathon

Warner Robins, GA



MOA Marathon Results


38        K R  Haga       4:54:47


Hotel shower & a swanky nite in Hotlanta.  Dinner at the Livingston, Marriott upper-floor stay (glass elevator ride UP).  Lazy Sunday morning start, pricey a.m. breakfast, afternoon flight home.

Next weekend: snow hiking in Staunton State Park 🙂



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