After an almost non-existent winter, jeez the season roared in BIG this past week.  No longer a question of snow, but how much precip – and will it affect my morning or evening work commute.  ‘Bout time, well overdue 🙂

The mountains?  Delayed ski resort openings at Thanksgiving ⇨ now resort closures…too much snow.  Avalanche closed I-70 (both directions) half-day last week – 15 feet of snow covered a section of highway.  Winter season’s arrived.  Been driving the Jeep EVERY day since Christmas & absolutely LOVIN’ it!  Sub-zero temps all week – crazy cold.

Migrated to treadmill running to log my daily miles.  “Every day’s a run day” – haven’t missed since Christmas Eve.

First weekend home this year.  Stay indoors, hunker down with the pup?  Heck, no – layered UP & local-hiked NCAR to Chautauqua.  Sun rose pink on the Flatirons Saturday morning, fave/most familiar trail trek now snow-hidden.  No worries, have hiked this route at night – know it like the back of my hand.  Boots, crampons, cap & gloves – GAME ON…first snow hike of 2017!

Battled thin air for a mile; lungs ached ‘til I settled into a healthy rhythm.  Handful of 14ers on this hiker’s 2017 wish list.  Limiting July   & August to one (& only one) marathon/month.  Finding balance this year.

Love of mountains, love of running.  2017 – all about achieving: BALANCE.



the Big Chill: 2017 sub-zero start



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