Any other year, no way I could take off the 31st from work…end-of-month in Finance, gotta/hafta work requirement.  That’s of course unless New Year’s weekend is a rare Saturday/Sunday combo 🙂  Google-searched (then promptly registered) for a New Year’s Day marathon in Spring Hill FL.  Direct flight to Tampa – couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off 2017.  FAAAANNNNTASTIC!

Lazy pre-race day, 2-mile run ‘cross the Causeway [bridge] to Clearwater…breezy, humid conditions.  82° forecasted for tomorrow’s 26.2.  Early to bed, early to rise – except for, a powerful midnight firework display celebrating the start of 2017.


marathon #79, first of 2017

Hour-15 north from Clearwater – not a soul on the road at 6am…most folks snoozing late this Sunday holiday.  Same day bib pick-up at Anderson Snow Park, a local ball field.  Small group of local runners gathered – 10K, half marathon, 26.2 mile options.  No more than 50 registered for the Full.

Comfortable temps gave way once the morning sun broke.  Today’s course – the Suncoast trail – an out-n-back bike path built parallel to a northbound toll road.  Flat paved path, not super scenic, no trees.

Ran strong for 12, walked/ran at 15, called my Sis at 21, death-marched or slogged the final 5.  No good excuse, complete mental fade – let the day’s heavy humidity exaggerate today’s marathon collapse.  I’ve run in hotter…most affected by the January temp swing, been snowscape training in Colorado.

Not the way I envisioned my 2017 start – 5 hour finish, not a great run…but I finished.  Marathon #79, first of the new year, 9th consecutive run day.  No chemo, weaning myself off meds & running EVERY SINGLE day.

High hopes for 2017 – New Year, New You.  Gonna live HUGE.


Spring Hill Marathon Mania – Jan 1, 2017

Haga, K R   LOUISVILLE CO  1664   5:14:14


Post marathon plans?  beach, Frida Kahlo, dinner at Guppy’s.  Lovin’ me some fresh seafood.  Watch out New England – Gulf Coast oysters, they’ve got game.  YUM!




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