The exhibit is an intriguing exploration of the life of Kahlo, her striking artwork and her fascinating psyche. Together with the exclusive photographs of family, friends and lovers, the exhibition gives a complete view of Kahlo’s world, along with the joys, passions and obsessions of this remarkable artist.


“With her dreamlike images, Kahlo has stirred huge public interest beyond the traditional art audience. In a way, Kahlo created a persona that serves as a contemporary feminine ideal – both tender and fierce,” says Dali Museum Executive Director, Dr. Hank Hine. “Much like Dali, she constructed an eccentric identity through the iconography in her paintings and then dressed and carried herself as the personality she created in her art. Painting by painting, she becomes a heroic figure of struggle and perseverance.”


In addition to some lazy beach lounging, drove to neighboring St. Pete & visited the Dalí Museum.  Deciding factor?  Frida Kahlo.  Hard to explain my life-long attraction.  Frida was a Communist, I an American imperialist – proud of our nation’s growth, our need to push forward, move boundaries, explore, expand, invent.

Kahlo was shocking but real, honest to her character, comfortable in her own skin.

Started with a 20-30 minute film, a brief explanation of her life & work.  Wore headphones briefly; began a self-guided tour provided by the Museum.  Two paintings in – unplugged, no longer interested in hearing what I was supposed to see & feel.  Sat, stood, stared, reflected, soaked in…natural emotion.

Kahlo’s work is raw – it provokes emotion.

Common trait?  We draw strength, passion from our topography.  Casa Azul, her ‘Blue House’.  The Rockies, my Colorado home.

Thankful Frida Kahlo’s work exists today.  60 years after her death, it still sparks discussion, it still evokes thought.


AND I walked the halls & toured Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí’s art…for whom the museum is named.  From the photos posted below, I did more than just ‘tour’ Dalí’s pieces.  I truly appreciated the experience…but I came to see Frida.




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