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Happy June!  3 months of Colorado summer – bring it on!!  (‘though still another half-month to hike our high peaks)

Stephen stayed an extra week after officiating Ash’s wedding – kicked off the month with some Irish music.  First stop of Byrne & Kelly’s summer tour: Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center.  Byrne & Kelly, members of the group Celtic Thunder AND Neil Byrne, Stephen’s cousin from Bray [Ireland].  Stephen in New Hampshire, his cousin Neil, Ireland – & they meet up in Boulder, Colorado.  Kismet, right?

Hadn’t been to Dairy Arts Center since last Fall’s Trail Running Film Festival.

Beautiful sunshiny weather – AWESOME start to Colorado summer, AWESOME nite of music.



Byrne and Kelly



Run the Year Motto:  EVERY day’s a run day, 2017 miles in 2017


May 2017 update:  Ash & Tom’s Colorado wedding dominated everything May – attendees represented all 4 U.S. time zones.  HUGE life moment.  Not a record month of miles but still exceeded 200 miles for a 5th consecutive month.  Two more marathon finishes, completed my 3rd Canadian province – tally now at 90.  On track to celebrate marathon #100 in Ireland, October 29th.


June focus: HYDRATION

As temps heat up this summer, gotta solve the riddle.  Hydration & nutrition – my marathon nemeses.  Consciously increasing raw vegetable & fruit intake all summer.  ‘Tis the season, local foods available, time to focus/commit.

BIG supporter of local Boulder business – LOVE LOVE my Newtons (third year, same core brand).  However, gonna mix up hydration this summer (been using Skratch Labs).  No set solution, sampling Tailwind & Crank Sports’ e-Fuel next month.


Race ReCap:  2 countries, 2 marathons – same East Coast time zone.  Cold run in Toronto, warm finish in New Hampshire.

Streaks:  159 consecutive run days, 42 months marathoning

Mileage ReCap:  fifth 200+ mile month, ended May at 1,056 miles (216 miles ahead of goal, 2017 half-way mark)



Silverthorne Wedding Day run



I was there the day she was born.

Cradled her & we swayed to Anne Murray’s ‘Could I Have This Dance‘.


I watched her finish high school.  Attended her college graduation.

Provided her & Tom a place to land while they saved $$ for their first home.


Today I walked beside her, gave a quick hug – then watched Ash start life with another.

27 years.  No giving this bride away, phrase omitted from today’s script.  Tough being a dad.  Will always be her biggest fan ❤



Family PRIDE


Walking down the Aisle


Ash & Tom’s wedding vows




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