Christmas Eve.  2 days after my last chemo treatment, more hair loss, still tired…but mentally recharged.  It’s over.  Nothing official until my next endoscopy in mid-January but chemo’s over.  Done.

Worked all during treatment; took a few half-days near the end.  Marathon’d all year; every month, no misses.

First day back in the gym; hit it hard today.  7 miles, 9:30/min pace – not pretty, sweated like a bad college hangover but 7 miles on the treadmill.  I’ll take it.  FAAAANNNNTASTIC!

Goal setting time.  Calendar says 8 days ‘til the New Year – my 2017 started today.


  • run every day: at least one mile, every single day
    • building consistency & strength; ultimate goal: Iceland’s Fire & Ice 250K, Aug 2018
  • finish this year’s 2,016 miles, then bang out another 2,017 – all before Christmas Eve 2017
  • 26 marathons including my first 50-miler
  • not only sub-4 again but set a new marathon PR (didn’t sub-4 all year, PR’s stood since March 2015)
  • marathon #100 in Dublin Ireland (October 29th – can’t fail if you don’t try 🙂 )


That’s my barebones outline, folks.  Shoot me a copy of yours.

Kicking off January 1st marathoning an hour north of Tampa.  Other than that, life’s a clean slate, no set schedule.  More family, more friends, more overseas adventure.  Dreamin’ up something BIG for 2017!  #noregretlife



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