last marathon of 2016

Thursday night flight thru Dallas – Friday marathon?  Heck no, Saturday 🙂

Week before Christmas, no better time of year to mix ‘love of running’ with ‘love of family’.   No direct flights to Fort Smith, Arkansas – but can always count on family to pick me up at the airport.  If you can’t count on family, who can you count on?

Friday noon hitched a ride with my niece to the best lunchette in the world – my Mom’s lil’ sole proprietorship, Williamsburg Kitchen.  When did my nieces & nephew all learn to drive?  And why again was my niece not in school…on a Friday?  HA!

Post-work day, family loaded in my brother’s SUV — destination: Little Rock.  Mom sprung for a set of hotel rooms, night before my final marathon of 2016.  Over-the-top nice, huh?  Thanks Ma.

Crack of dawn wake-up (345am alarm).  Last trolley to the Start: 5am.  Shed layers before I left my brother’s truck, already 64 degrees…gonna be cooking by noon.

‘3 Bridges’ Marathon so…should I assume three actual Bridges?  Yep, pretty straight forward.

The course crosses the Big Dam Bridge at Miles 1 and 18, the Clinton Presidential Bridge at Mile 9, and the Two Rivers Bridge at Miles 19 and 26.  The course is mostly flat, except for the three bridges.

Tagged 2 runners early, consistently pacing 8:40/miles.  Would coast off these dudes to the Clinton Presidential Library.  9 miles, totally doable.  Heavy humidity early on, like breathing in water (yep, it’s the South)…luckily, skies above stayed overcast so I didn’t bake.

the course?  Urban trail.  the view?  Miles & miles of river.  my attitude?  FAAANNNTASTIC.

Lost my pacers a mile past the Library.  Slowed waaaaaay down but didn’t stop, didn’t walk…and most importantly, no pills.  Sub-2 first Half.  Crazy muggy but didn’t really struggle until marker 20-21; puked at 22.  Finished the day with ‘Boston’ Jim – guy wore a Tough Mudder tee & spoke fluent Yankee.  Great attitude; made the last 4 miles completely bearable.

And my Finish?  Sprinted it out with Boston Jim.  Check out the pic – mighty close, you be the judge 🙂


K R Haga, Congratulations on Finishing the 3 Bridges Marathon!


Time: 4:35:41


13.1: 1:59:39


Post-marathon?  Shower & fancy food with the Fam; insta-weather change.  Outdoor temps dropped from 78 to 34 degrees during our 2 hour drive to Fort Smith.  Guess I brought a little Colorado with me 🙂  Evening plans: Game night.  Mighty good to be home.



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