Each of the kids were introduced to Disney early in life, all were still in diapers.  It’s one commonality they share.

25 years later, 2 of 3 still feel that magic.  The force is strong with these two 🙂

Since finding my ‘forever home’ in Colorado, I often struggle with our distance & actively maintaining relationships.  Dave’s a moderate-to highly operating autistic…has been since age 3.  Now 21, he’s Level 2 on the spectrum: “requiring substantial support”.  David has the truest heart of the 3, the kindest soul…but he will always need care.  Physically strong, mentally adept – but trapped in a mind which misfires social signals.  Always been Disney-motivated, super strong bond to his Mom.  Plan B?  My guest room in Colorado is adorned with Peter Pan memorabilia.  Dave will always have a home.

Took advantage of an open-ended offer to join David & family sometime during their 3-week Disney adventure.  Purchased airfare & a Park Pass, bed-shared at the family’s timeshare.  Although not a fan of crowds…I do love my family.  PLUS, crazy fun to see Dave & Michaela in their element/favourite place on Earth/where they feel most comfortable.

Quick shower after my Saturday morning marathon, shared two half-days at MGM Studios…sandwiched ‘round a full day at Magic Kingdom.  Park rides, Disney princesses galore…and a whole lotta shows.  FAAANNNTASTIC magical time!



Magic Kingdom 2016


MGM Studios 2016



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