Marathon morning.  Slept later than norm – stayed at the event’s host hotel, short walk to Narragansett Pier.  Dark red ball burned over the Atlantic, smell of salt, sunrise.  Beautiful marathon start.

The Ocean State Marathon has a long history in Narragansett as the site of the ORIGINAL Rhode Island Marathon.  It has been our goal to honor this tradition and bring back a GENUINE Rhode Island Marathon.  Not only does the race start under the shadow of the iconic Coast Guard house at beautiful Narragansett Town Beach but the course itself boasts sweeping vistas of Narragansett Bay, beautiful windy roads, historic homes and awe-inspiring bridges.

20 degrees warmer than Saturday – not crazy hot, but should finish before the sun cooks.  Biggest concern today?  Left my meds at last night’s dinner spot.  No anti-nausea, no pain pills, nada.  Suck it up buttercup – cancer or not, gonna/hafta hit it hard like everyone else. Steady hydration, stay mentally strong.  26.2 miles.  I’ve run 70+ of these, one foot in front of the other.  Ready ready to go.

Cool morning air, nice flat couple of miles.  Oceanside run, miles 5 & 6 – big seasonal waves pouring over the surf, shared road with locals walking their dogs.  Pretty sizeable hills at miles 7 & 10.  North Kingston [Amtrak] station at marker 14.

[#DNF’d three weeks ago at 15 – yep, that’s still crowding my head.  Breathe, move on.]

Stomach cramping, dropped pace.  Eyed a 50 State cap ahead – caught the ‘flower lady’ & stayed with this early-start veteran thru mile 21.   Run buddy Carolyn often thinks she’s a talker.  Nope…’flower lady’ now she was a talker.  Turned off my tunes & appreciated her candor.

No emergency vehicles, no aides to flag down, no options, no excuses.  Hurled at mile 22.  If I wanna stop, gotta find a way to the Finish.  Jogged/walked/slogged the course remainder.  No bobble-head trophy, no top 10 Finish – yet worthy of a medal & marathon finish #74 🙂

Ocean State Rhode Races





79        K R HAGA      M         Louisville        CO       5:15:09

Hotel shower, late check-out, return flight outta Providence – but not before a quick 20 minute trek to Point Judith.  Over time, have seen more ornate/unique lighthouses on both US coasts but Point Judith was my first.  Will always hold a special place in my heart.

Next weekend: Huntington, West Virginia



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  • Tammy says:

    I’m an efficient pooper & you’ve become the efficient barfer. Gut issues. Even when I don’t poop at mile 20-24 that porta potty is immediate at the finish. Move out of my way, I’m reliving buffalo river carp in Forest Park.

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