Long 7-hour haul from yesterday’s trail marathon in Nebraska.  Fitting I had tickets the following nite to this year’s Trail Running Film Festival in Boulder.  My 2nd year attending, 4th year festival has been in existence.

Back at the Dairy Arts Center, arrived to a sold-out event.  Guess word’s got out – HA!

12 films, 3+ hours of sit-down.  Sat 2nd row – packed, crazy full auditorium.  Festival organized by runners, for folks who appreciate trail running & adventure.  Well done.  Tough to pick ONE fave film this year.

All 4 feature documentaries were unique in their storytelling.  “One step at a Time” followed 3 ultra runners as they attempted the FKT (fastest known time) on the Oregon section of the PCT.  “Outside Voices” featured outspoken runner Jenn Shelton, an entertaining, train wreck of a gal.  “2016 Orcas Island 100” documented a 100-mile ultra-race on Washington’s scenic San Juan Islands.

…but for me, this year’s fave: “The Hard Way”

inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old who runs 30 races each year, cuts his firewood by hand & does things the hard way to remain active and alive.  The film takes us on a journey that’s about more than running, it teaches us to live life with purpose and momentum.

LOVE LOVED this guy’s determination.  Absolute anything is possible…at an age.




Trail Running Film Festival 2016


The Hard Way (2016) by Jeremy Lurgio & Erik Petersen




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