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Run the Year Motto:  Run, Crawl, Walk, Conquer, Dominate 2,016 miles in 2016


October 2016 update: Most consistent training & greatest # of miles logged all year – 222 miles total.  After a disappointing DNF in Boulder, added 3 FINISHES to my marathon tally…including two last-minute race additions in Fort Collins & Nebraska.


2 month focus (November & December): FINISH STRONG

4 races to go, 2 each month – including an early December trail marathon in Death Valley Nat’l Park.


Race ReCap:  another 3 marathon month – one in mountains (Cache la Poudre Canyon), one on the Plains (Oregon Trail Run of Nebraska) & one by the ocean (Ocean State Marathon in Narragansett RI).

Mileage ReCap:  Back on track again, ended October at 1,673 miles (only 7 miles short of goal).



Run the Year – November Newsletter


Why is it so easy to focus on our short comings and failures, yet so difficult to step back and appreciate our strengths and accomplishments?


It may be human nature to be self critical, but November is the month to give thanks. November is the month to focus on everything we have instead of what we are missing.


This month give yourself a break from the negative voices in your head and instead focus on the positive. Rather than focus on how far you have to go, celebrate how far you have come. Take a moment each day to be thankful that you have the ability to get in miles, to move forward…  You have done some amazing things this year and traveled a lot of miles. Take a moment to be proud and thankful for every one!


Marathon morning.  Slept later than norm – stayed at the event’s host hotel, short walk to Narragansett Pier.  Dark red ball burned over the Atlantic, smell of salt, sunrise.  Beautiful marathon start.

The Ocean State Marathon has a long history in Narragansett as the site of the ORIGINAL Rhode Island Marathon.  It has been our goal to honor this tradition and bring back a GENUINE Rhode Island Marathon.  Not only does the race start under the shadow of the iconic Coast Guard house at beautiful Narragansett Town Beach but the course itself boasts sweeping vistas of Narragansett Bay, beautiful windy roads, historic homes and awe-inspiring bridges.

20 degrees warmer than Saturday – not crazy hot, but should finish before the sun cooks.  Biggest concern today?  Left my meds at last night’s dinner spot.  No anti-nausea, no pain pills, nada.  Suck it up buttercup – cancer or not, gonna/hafta hit it hard like everyone else. Steady hydration, stay mentally strong.  26.2 miles.  I’ve run 70+ of these, one foot in front of the other.  Ready ready to go.

Cool morning air, nice flat couple of miles.  Oceanside run, miles 5 & 6 – big seasonal waves pouring over the surf, shared road with locals walking their dogs.  Pretty sizeable hills at miles 7 & 10.  North Kingston [Amtrak] station at marker 14.

[#DNF’d three weeks ago at 15 – yep, that’s still crowding my head.  Breathe, move on.]

Stomach cramping, dropped pace.  Eyed a 50 State cap ahead – caught the ‘flower lady’ & stayed with this early-start veteran thru mile 21.   Run buddy Carolyn often thinks she’s a talker.  Nope…’flower lady’ now she was a talker.  Turned off my tunes & appreciated her candor.

No emergency vehicles, no aides to flag down, no options, no excuses.  Hurled at mile 22.  If I wanna stop, gotta find a way to the Finish.  Jogged/walked/slogged the course remainder.  No bobble-head trophy, no top 10 Finish – yet worthy of a medal & marathon finish #74 🙂

Ocean State Rhode Races





79        K R HAGA      M         Louisville        CO       5:15:09

Hotel shower, late check-out, return flight outta Providence – but not before a quick 20 minute trek to Point Judith.  Over time, have seen more ornate/unique lighthouses on both US coasts but Point Judith was my first.  Will always hold a special place in my heart.

Next weekend: Huntington, West Virginia



Started the month with a marathon #DNF.  However after 2 late race additions & tomorrow’s 26.2 mile trek in Rhode Island, October’s shaping up to be one of my strongest.  On track for a third 200+ mile month.

Friday night flight to New England.  Started Saturday admiring fall colour, spent the afternoon beachcombing.

As many times I’ve started my weekends in New Hampshire, you’d think I’d run out of new adventures.  Breakfast at a local sugar house?  FAAANNNTASTIC idea! (thanks Stephen)  pancake of the month or stuffed French toast?  cinnamon rolls or donut holes?  So many choices.  HUGE gift store – every imaginable use of maple sugar.  Sasquatch – yep, he’s there too.

Parker’s Maple Barn in rural Mason NH.  Add to your must-do list, well-worth the country drive.

Quick hour thru Massachusetts – cut right thru the middle, Worcester to Woonsocket.  I-95 to Providence, Highway 4 past URI (state uni), hugged the coast to ‘Poor Man’s Newport’: Narragansett RI.  One of my favourite NE haunts – LOVE LOVE this place.

Hotel check-in, marathon bib pick-up.  Check, done.  Spent remaining daylight walking the Bay.

Coast Guard House to Town Beach, North Beach Pavilion to Pettaquamscutt River (where the Narrows empties into the Atlantic).  Cool overcast day.  Neither I nor the gulls seemed to mind ‘jacket weather’.  Watched a local ocean-cast for bluefish.  New England LOVE.

Early to bed, early to rise…but little sleep this nite.  TV trapped/Halloween [movie] marathon.  Cut it off after Halloween 2…just not the same without Jamie Lee Curtis.  PLUS got my own Halloween marathon scheduled in the a.m.  🙂



bluefish ocean-cast (Narragansett RI)



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