Run the Year Motto:  Run, Crawl, Walk, Conquer, Dominate 2,016 miles in 2016


September 2016 update:  HUGE travel month – 3 marathons, travelled from the deserts of Utah to Moscow’s Red Square.  Cancer schmancer.  Good days, bad days…but overall, mighty blessed with a crazy, FULL life.

Unfortunately, finished even further behind on total miles but don’t give up on me yet.  Head’s back in the game.  Super STRONG run months ahead.  Whole lotta marathoning every Fall.  Ran 14 consecutive weeks in 2015 – still totally doable.


2 month focus (September & October): STAMINA


Race ReCap:  3 marathon month – 2 at altitude (Colorado Springs & Big Cottonwood Canyon) and RUSSIA.  17 years after an early-career expat assignment (almost a lifetime ago), reconnected with my former workmate Dima & finished the Moscow Marathon.  Course trekked thru Moscow center, along the Moskva River, past the Kremlin.  HUGE life experience!

Mileage ReCap:  Ended September at 1,451 miles (61 miles short of goal).



Life’s an amazing journey.   And although running is a HUGE part of my current, still plenty of time for a Fly Casting lesson with a neighbor’s friend’s brother — Graeme, visiting from New Zealand.

Happily, I was a natural…but you’re gonna have to trust me, no video proof (clip below is my neighbor Larry) 🙂



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