Dropped Ro at Divine Canine & vehicle-loaded Thursday after work – weekend destination: Utah.  Monday, Colorado Springs; Saturday, Salt Lake City – count it, 5 days between marathons.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

8 hour drive to Salt Lake.  Well that’s no fun – breaking it up over 2 days however, no problemo 🙂

Lived B-I-G and slept Thursday nite at the historic Hotel Colorado (scored with mid-week, off-season pricing).  Presidents Teddy Roosevelt & William Howard Taft plus multiple governors & early-20th century celebrities adorned hotel walls in black-n-white photographs – super cool…unfortunately, little time to browse.  Quick ‘express’ hike planned.

Hanging Lake.

Crystal clear water, emerald green hue, and a mountain waterfall.  SPECTACULAR view!

That’s the way I described the hike in June 2012.  4 years later – same SPECTACULAR view.

Quick UP & down trek – returned coated in a thick layer of human salt.  No wish I woulda.  Absolutely no regrets.


Lunch, 3 hours of desert, then north an hour – greeted by the backside of the Colorado Rockies. “Welcome to Cottonwood Heights” and the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.  City slogan: “City Between the Canyons”, flanked by Big Cottonwood Canyon to the North and Little Cottonwood Canyon on the South.

Tomorrow a.m. – marathon #70, my third in 13 days.



Hanging Lake (Glenwood Springs CO) 


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