Last time I saw Sarah, she set up a sweet hike above scenic Lake Louise in Banff Nat’l Park.  Hike day culminated in a high-altitude tea aside an alpine lake, Lake Agnes.  Set the bar mighty high, huh?  Well…she IS Canadian after all.

Early morn hot air balloon, diner breakfast – next up, one of my hike faves, Brainard Lake.

Alpine lake, lodgepole pine, glacier snow on the peaks – all at 10,300ft starting elevation…pretty SPECTACULAR.  Ever Google the elevation in Toronto?  249ft.  True flatlanders.  Whatta sport – thin air, little oxygen, yet not a peep of negativity outta Sarah.  Hiked to Long Lake – pic I use as my website cover art.  LOVE LOVE this place.  Sharing the experience with friends, no words.  Full heart.

Anything any better?  uh…Cue, wildlife.  Chipmunks, pika, black squirrels, elk – easy.  How ‘bout MOOSE?  FAAANNNTASTIC!  Shower, change of clothes, night trek up Boulder Canyon to Gold Hill Inn.  Fine dining at 8,000ft.  Kinda hard to match Banff but folks – an alpine hike, 2 moose & a 5-course meal at 8,000ft – I attempted to reach that bar.  WOW, whatta day!


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Sunday: [marathon] bib pick-up day in Colorado Springs.  10 minute chore – check, done.

Garden of the Gods.  Monolith red rocks curtained by mighty Pikes Peak in the background.  2 ½ hours from home, but I visit this Park at least twice a year.  Any excuse, friend/family visit to Colorado – Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park to the North, Garden of Gods to the South.  Both treks highlight every itinerary.  AWESOME amazing acts of God.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  Something old, something new – well, at least new to me.  LOVE history, LOVE everything Native American. Visited the three-story Pueblo-style Cliff Dwellings, descendants of the ancient Anasazi (existed 1100-1300 A.D.)  Honestly not a ton to see & do, but happy to have gone once.  Museum’s a bit dated – more walk-thru placards than actual artifacts.

Dinner & a short tourist walk downtown.  Highlight: the healing waters of Shoshone Spring & a random local releasing their pet sugar glider (small, nocturnal gliding possum).  Startling, unexpected but pretty cool experience.

Night sleeps in Manitou Springs, tomorrow another 26.2.


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Labor Day 2016 (Colorado mix)



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  • Sarah says:

    …so many great memories…you have set the bar high… But thanks again for showing me a bit of your Colorado! Can’t wait for the next time I visit…Colorado is so gorgeous!

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