the dreaded C word



Not all life journeys are planned.  For me, cancer is part of my path.  Wasn’t sure if I would ever blog ‘bout the subject but find something freeing to calling it out – and moving on.

Been a roller coaster of emotion these past 2 months.  Lotta new people enter your life.  Lotta life advice.  Medical bills.  Doctors.  Blood tests.  Hospital diagnostics.

Stomach cancer.

Went to my doc for possible testicular cancer.  Humiliating, humbling process – turns out I only have a benign cyst.  Blood tests however revealed high lipase levels.  Endoscopy for potential pancreatic cancer.  4 samples lab-tested, 3 spots of cancer – stomach cancer, sphincter muscle between my esophagus & stomach.

6 weeks for a solid diagnosis, then almost instantly proposed surgery & chemo- the following Tuesday.  WHAAAAAT?  Are there absolutely no alternatives?




**personal choice**  Doctor change, radical diet change, super tight circle of positive-minded friends & my Sis.

Whole lotta juicing (carrot, in particular), supplements & pills, PRAYER & ABSOLUTE BELIEF that I will overcome.  Endoscopy every 3 months [for 2 years] to monitor cancer growth or remission.  Acupuncture for digestive support & pain relief.  Mix of both Eastern & Western medicines.  Meditation.  Immunology treatment & Gerson Therapy.

**complete open mind**  Local friend invited me to a Native American sweat lodge.  Two gringos, whole lotta Lakota.  I was asked to not blog details about my experience.  Found the evening overwhelmingly SPIRITUAL.


I am mentally & physically strong.  thankfully, I’m a marathoner.  Many people crush cancer without chemo.  I allow myself good days & bad days.  My Christian faith is HUGE.  100% all in — marathon distance not a 5K sprint.



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