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Run the Year Motto:  Run, Crawl, Walk, Conquer, Dominate 2,016 miles in 2016


August 2016 update:  BIRTHDAY month – week on Cape Cod, chicken soup for the soul 🙂

Similar to July, fell behind on total miles but overall trained consistent.  Issues mostly mental while awaiting a diagnosis.  Solid [medical] plan now in place – will catch up run totals this Fall.  Biggest struggle?  GERD diet.  Not an easy adaptation.


2 month focus (September & October): STAMINA

Marathoning 7 of the next 9 weeks.  Ran 14 consecutive weeks Fall 2015 – totally doable.  Mentally on board, gonna finish STRONG.


Race ReCap:  Kept the streak alive at 33 months.  Finished marathon #68 in Santa Rosa CA (new California PR time).

Mileage ReCap:  Lagging behind, ended August at 1,313 miles (31 miles short of goal).



…remember, if you want to change your body, exercise.  If you want to change your life, become a runner.


Santa Rosa Marathon6am marathon start – back that an hour in Sebastopol where I picked up Carolyn.  She slept in an all-female teepee commune (Airbnb).  Makes Motel 6 sound a bit more sexy, huh? (actually kinda jealous — HA!)

Overcast cool morning – couldn’t ask for better running weather in August.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Started in Corral 2, race paced quick.  Hadn’t run with Carolyn since our NM desert trail run last March.  Good conversation, felt super relaxed.  Generally I’m a solo runner, even in training – much appreciated sharing the day.  I’d get a little fast, Carolyn would pull back the reins.  sub-9 pace for 10 miles.  Thanks friend.   Not looking for a fast 10K, but a steady sub-4 marathon finish.

Mike from Southern Cal joined our pack; finished the Half three-four minutes under 2 hours.  Nice flat course, few rolling hills, cloud cover protection from August summer rays.

Unfortunately, started puking at mile 13, then again at 15.  Slowed, couldn’t hold with my running pals – but kept pushing, didn’t quit.  Sick again at 18.  Popped a pill at mile 21 (brought one along, just in case).

Stomach settled before mile 23 (big thanks Zofran).  Slogged next 2 miles.  Saw Carolyn just after the 25 mile-marker.  She finished 3:59+, then walked back to pace me – WOW, thanks pal 🙂

Marathon 68 done.  Marathon run streak continues at 33 months consecutive.

My first 26.2 since being diagnosed – and I had a GREAT 15 miles.  Getting stronger, really good day.


Santa Rosa Marathon  28 August 2016

K R Haga

Net Time  04:39:31.003


Event:  Full Marathon

Race No:  1516


Country Representing:  United States

Wave:  Full Marathon Start 6:00 AM


With yesterday’s 50 States Award Presentation, not a lotta time for pre-marathon adventuring.

[however] 6pm return flight home.  Plenty o’ hours to get our California on 🙂

Quick stop at the Charles Schultz Museum.  Always been a Peanuts fan.  Received a plush Snoopy as a one-year-old from my Grandmother.  Memory tugs at the heart.  Started the drive back to San Fran early – destination: Golden Gate Park (a close 30 minutes from the airport).  Bridge ride-over, pulled off along the ocean.  Walked beachside past Seal Rocks, up to Cliff House.

Palm trees, sand & blue ocean water – ah, yes…California.



50 States Award Presentation


Plan always was to finish in Colorado – marathon all 50 states but gotta/hafta/MUST finish in Colorado.  Set a goal, meet a goal, make it happen.

the 50 States Marathon Club certifies results & presents awards at our quarterly reunions – reunion locations which rotate ’round the 50 States.  Super nice to be recognized amongst one’s peers – we’re a tight running community.

First opportunity to receive my award, club’s 3rd quarter reunion in Santa Rosa CA.

early Saturday a.m. start – flight delay, heavy fog in San Francisco.  Met up with Carolyn (my running partner from Indiana), picked up the rental & hit the highway.  Slow going even on the weekend – Cali loves their traffic.  Crossed the Bay Bridge.  Soooo many cars. Two ½ hours later arrived in California wine country.  Bib pick-up for tomorrow’s 26.2 at DeLoach Vineyards, nestled in Sonoma County’s Russian River valley.

Located our reunion location – cool temp room, walled with oak wine barrels.

Whatta journey.  Alaska to Hawaii, Maine to California, 26.2 miles in every U.S. state.  Additionally, I’ll attempt tomorrow to keep my monthly marathoning streak alive.  Haven’t missed since December 2013.  FAAANNNTASTIC!




50 States Award Presentation


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