Early a.m. start – marathon morning.  Hadn’t actually run 26.2 miles since my race in New Brunswick, 3 weeks ago.  Cut things kinda close this morn.  Heard the anthem play while in the porta-john.  Made it to the Start as runners were just on their way.  Yikes!

Tight first couple miles.  Race wound on pedestrian paths thru Aspen downtown & John Denver Sanctuary, allowing little room to pass – super congested.  Crossed 2 footbridges.  Water rushed wildly below; crazy scenic.

July temps remained cool-to-moderate for 9 miles.  Followed the bike path just outside of town, thru Snowmass Village.

The Aspen Valley Marathon is primarily on the Rio Grande Trail…this mostly paved trail follows the Roaring Fork River and is closed to motorized vehicles.

Struggled a bit with elevation, breathing bit more labored at 7900ft (versus my Louisville home, 5500ft) – however, a super forgiving course.  Gradual decline for long stretches, ultimately finishing in Basalt Colorado 6600ft.

Tree cover loss near [town of] Snowmass.  Sun cooked the last 10 miles.  Ya’ll know how much I love the heat…argh.

Eventually slogged my way to the Finish, just under 5 hours.  I’ll take it.  67th marathon done – & my streak of monthly marathoning continues…32nd consecutive month.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

No post-race shower but gotta kick my feet up while Stephen drove us 4 hours back to Louisville.  Capped off the weekend with a little dinner theatre – Ash & I love our seasonal shows in Boulder.  everybody get Footloose! 🙂


Aspen Valley Marathon

July 16, 2016 in Aspen, CO

K R Haga

bib number:  138

time:  4:52:07



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