Celebrated National Running Day with a 7 mile run – only 2 days after marathoning in Idaho.  He’s baaaaack.


Each year on the first Wednesday in June, people across the United States participate in National Running Day.  This day was designated as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion for running. It is also a good day for beginners to begin a life-changing commitment to running.



Run the Year Motto:  Run, Crawl, Walk, Conquer, Dominate 2,016 miles in 2016


May 2016 update:  COMEBACK month!  Consistent training, multiple day run streaks, 2 marathons – and HUGE personal achievement, completed my 50 State Marathon Quest on May 1st in Fort Collins (Colorado).

Positives?  Became accustomed to hear the morning ‘ding ding’ text from Carolyn, my accountability partner.  2 time zones ahead in Indiana, she’s already well on her morning run when my 4:30am alarm sounds.  Just the kick in the butt, this lazy runner needed 🙂


2 month focus (May & June): CONSISTENCY


Race ReCap:  50th state marathon on the 1st in Fort Collins, skipped a slew of pre-registered runs (completed physical therapy late May), finished the month STRONG with a Memorial Day marathon in scenic Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Mileage ReCap:  HUGE – first time running 200+ miles since 2014; ended May at 806 miles (34 miles short of goal).

  • 30th consecutive month marathoning.  Streak started with my second 26.2, December 2013 in Tucson.



Run the Year – June Newsletter


The theme of this newsletter is love.  Love the process.  Love the journey.  Love the day to day routine that leads to improved physical fitness.  Try to focus this month on being grateful, inspired, and truly loving the gift you give yourself each day you choose to exercise.  Just like a relationship with a person, you can choose to focus on the positive aspects or the negative aspects of your relationship with personal fitness.  Here is the new challenge for the month of June: Love the process.  Love yourself.  Most importantly spread the love to others.


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