Memorial Day weekend: unofficial kickoff to summer – and for the past 3 years, summer’s meant summer running.

World's Longest Floating Boardwalk

World’s Longest Floating Boardwalk

Set my 10K PR in 2014 at the Bolder Boulder, last year marathoned in Burlington Vermont. Continuing the streak this Sunday in the Inland Northwest at the Coeur d’Alene Marathon.

Direct flight to Spokane, hotel 40 minutes away in scenic Idaho.  Huge towering pines.  Massive river-fed natural lake.  3 days of mental download, relaxation 🙂

When I originally booked this race months ago, was supposed to travel with a friend – that fell thru so…splurged & booked a room at the Resort which hosts Sunday’s marathon.

Hotel check in, bib pick-up – done in 15 minutes.  Nice!

Popped on a jacket & explored the city’s downtown center (Sherman Street).  Walked dockside, down the world’s longest floating boardwalk (3300 ft long) – past shops & restaurants, a fleet of recreational watercraft, up n over a floating bridge, then spontaneously purchased a cruise ticket 8 minutes before the ship set sail.  Good timing.

90 minute excursion.  Saturated in the smell of evergreen, sat on top & took in the lake’s cool breeze. Solo trip.  No talk, no FaceBook – unplugged, first day summer vacation.

Disembarked, took in 2 parks, watched the sunset from my tower window.

First day of summer, complete.  Running 26.2 tomorrow a.m.  New adventure, new experience – first marathon since May 1st, time to get back on the horse.  No regrets life.




Lake Coeur d’Alene cruise


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