Continuous exercise can produce short-term euphoria, an affective state associated with feelings of profound contentment, elation, and well-being, which is colloquially known as a “runner’s high” in distance running.

March 2016 Maniac Newsletter

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Lotta attention attributed to ‘runner’s high’, a naturally induced opioid-like euphoria.  Long distance run junkies, the accusation.

My CEO refers to ‘earned energy‘ in his blog below.  Lotta kind words (thanks Paul) but I tell ya: my high energy level wasn’t achieved overnight.  It’s consistency – not weekend marathoning – which produces that addictive endorphin high.

earned energy’ [unlike drugs] is maintained in the body 10-12 hours, a full work day+. Steadiness, high productivity, even temperament & mega confidence spills over into ALL aspects of life – not limited to only the morning run.

My injury in April, blessing in disguise.

have seen much of Indiana thru the eyes of my accountability partner Carolyn

have seen much of Indiana thru the eyes of my running partner Carolyn

Broken down physically, went back to the run archives & re-started the process.  Training. Knowing I’d struggle posting 3 weeks of consistent mileage, added an accountability partner (Carolyn) to keep me true to the process.  Less than a week left in May, I’m on track to finish 200 miles – first time since 2014.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

Don’t confuse the message though.  It’s not the # of miles; it’s the getting up when you’re tired, bored, busy, depressed, hot, cold, blah – whatever excuse – getting up & moving.

opportunity: 24 hours a day, every single day.  Use ONE of those hours – just ONE – & give back to yourself.  Make it count & MOVE.

[preachy segment]  Surround yourself with positive peeps.  We are not obligated to solve our friends & family’s problems.  Be there for a mate (everyone has a bad day) – but ya know, not everyone wants to be rescued.  Some folks are perpetually stuck.  I can’t because…  I could but…  If only I…  You can’t…

Distance yourself.  Detach.  What I’ve learned?  No one is ever gonna remember.  If you’re doing it hoping for recognition – it’s not coming.

Skydive, volcano hike, marathon all 50 States – do YOUR thing, but do it.  Walk the talk.  Live now.  Laugh.  Smile.  Be happy.   #noregretlife



Mounds State Park, IN (running posts from Carolyn)


Paul’s Post: Earned energy

Thursday, May 26, 2016



Our financial controller, Keenan Haga, likes to run. He likes it a lot. He’s one of only a handful that has run 50 marathons before he was 50.


One of the reasons he runs is for the earned energy, called endorphins. Endorphins charge you up after exercising and, if you exercise enough, you start to depend on them, hunger for them, like a junkie. Endorphins are the prize I get after a morning run, though my efforts are paltry compared to Keenan’s.


Energy you earn is superior to energy you force into something (like the “energy” of caffeine). Take for example a DAC.


We’re in the middle of the final voicing of Torreys, the new operating system for DirectStream and DirectStream Junior. And one of the things that strikes me most is the energy some of the versions present. We voice the DAC by careful listening to different compilations of FPGA code. Each compile sounds different than the other. On some versions voices, both human and instrumental, seem to resonate with an energy that is very close to the spine tingling reactions we get at a live performance. Yet other versions are dull, lifeless, and sound recorded.


I suppose you could duplicate the energy some versions present by artificially pumping up a certain frequency range, adding energy artificially, but I bet it would never sound the same or have the sense of magic I hear in these version changes.


I think energy, naturally acquired through the hard work of exercising or voicing products, will always trump external attempts to add in something that isn’t natural.


Better to earn it than to force it.



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