Unexpectedly, received a package at work today from my Sister – commemorating my 50 State finish.  Letting this one play out below…just as it happened over social media.  WOW, just WOW!  LOVE LOVE my family; such a lucky guy 🙂



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completely over-the-top floored – received the most AMAZING gift today from my Sis & family.  50 State book – finisher pic from each state, marathon name & time, plus tons of state fun facts.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the effort involved in making such a priceless gift.  Just WOW!


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Tammy · iMessage · 3:43pm


The facts are actually pretty cool so read all the little captions.  I enjoyed it.  All the trivia and famous people.  I wanted to circle where you ran but like I said I also wanted to get it done.  You went to most of the highlights.  It’s super cool.


I loved the book when it came in.  I couldn’t believe how perfect it was!!  Lucky me.


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Keenan  Tammy, Victoria, Paul & Jack – thanks so much!  Absolutely unbelievable.  WOW WOW WOW – no words.  Just incredible.  I only finished my 50th a couple weeks ago – and BAM.  Thanks so much.


Tammy  Wanted the other gifts to totally freak you out.  That’s why I put it at the bottom.  Saved the best for last.  Hee hee hee.

Keenan  Yeah, started with beet juice & the ping pong paddles…assumed this was a family challenge for 4th of July.  HATE beet juice – I’d be all-pro ping pong by the 4th if a beet juice chug was spoils to the loser.

Tammy  No way was I punishing myself.  I suck at ping pong.


Victoria  Finding some of those times weren’t easy!  Glad you liked it!  Tammy is super creative.

Tammy  You should really tell him what you said every time you wrote down a time.  That was funny.

Victoria  I feel like I wrote the same number over and over and over and over again.


Esther  What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.  You must be loved.

Keenan  AMAZING family.  I’ve always been lucky in life.

Tammy   that’s why I was giving you a hard time about no picture for Illinois.  I was panicked I would only have 49 pictures.  Sneaky.

Keenan  Wasn’t gonna even post Illinois — ’cause who wants to see #49, after you’ve run #50 the next day.  Very sneaky sis.

Paul  Yes she is an expert sneak….for sure


Seth  That’s very cool!

Gwendolyn  That is an awesome book can you ask your sister where she had it done I’d like to make one for myself.

Tammy   I made it myself.  The book came from Amazon and then I added to it.

Keenan  Gwendolyn – fair warning…this book includes DC.  One more to add to your calendar 🙂


Benjamin  So, so, so fantastic!  A perfect keepsake to a wild adventure you’ve had.

Jason  Congrats!! AWESOME!!

Scott  Oh, wow! I can’t think of a better gift, actually, very personalized and will memorialize memories for a lifetime!

Toni  How cool is that!

Stacy  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!

Keenan  Me too!  So thoughtful – most AMAZING gift.  Also friend, happy I got to share #50 with you.  Training consistently again, healthy again, lotta positive endorphins flowing.  Life is good 🙂


Heather  What a thoughtful family you have!

Stephen  Wow! Awesome gift!

Leslie  [heart emoticon]

Ellen  Wonderful! Love you all!

Erin  What an awesome gift!!!

Tina  What a thoughtful gift!

Tara  That’s awesome.

Arun  A lovely gift!

Sara  That’s pretty cool!  You have an amazing family!

Amy  Now THAT is perfect.  Love it.

Jill  What a thoughtful, most perfect gift for you.  Like the haircut.

Carolyn  Funny, you said storybook ending and your sister made you a book.



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2 Responses to 50 State family keepsake

  • Donna says:

    What a terrific idea for a gift for you from your family. Congratulations! Are you throwing in the towel for marathons now, and doing something different, or going on another round? Do take care.

    • Thanks for your on-going encouragement Donna! Still plan on marathoning, one or 2 a month but staying closer to Colorado this year (for the most part) — but will NOT be doing another round of 50 States. HA! Done it, been there. Starting Canada in June…only 10 provinces, but dragging this out over 5 years. $$$ plus I miss hiking & my pooch 🙂

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