Summer 2016

Summer 2016


Last of FaceBook folks ‘til August.  No drama – just taking a break.

Successfully filled my News Feed with scores of inspiring people, but find I’m watching others vs living out my own life adventure.  So this Friday, that’s it.

Kicking off summer, this weekend in beautiful Coeur d’Alene (Idaho).  3 day-weekend itinerary includes a marathon, massage & BnB stay on the Lake (full breakfast too 🙂 ).


June & July plans

read a book

night trail running (full moon & a headlamp)

first O’ Canada marathons (Banff-Alberta & New Brunswick)

climb a new mountain

July 4th celebration in St Louis (3-day family weekend)

camp & marathon scenic Aspen

Yellowstone road-trip & high-altitude Montana 26.2


After getting injured last month, rededicated myself to training.  Consistently running – on track to hit 200 miles in May (first time since 2014).  Dropped 6 lbs.  Added an accountability partner (thanks Carolyn)/text daily to stay on plan…wanna new PR this Fall.

Aspen, Banff, Montana & Coeur d’Alene – BIG plans, INSPIRED ‘bout the summer.  Anything’s possible.




                                              BE PHENOMENAL


Start acting like this is your last day on the planet


I deserve to see what my life would look like if I gave 103%

I would rather aim for the stars and not hit them, than to not aim at all

I would rather go after it and not get it, than not go after it at all

I’d rather try and fail, than to not try at all

I don’t want to live with the idea: wonder what would have happened had I done more with my life

I’m gonna go for it come hell or high water, I’m going after my destiny


You gotta run after your destiny

You can’t crawl after your destiny

You can’t walk after your destiny

You gotta RUN



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