Based on the header, ya’ll know this tale doesn’t end well – but no worries, that’s only half the story 🙂

Kicked off the weekend talking smack with Sis over social media ‘bout this weekend’s marathon.  Should she BQ (Boston Qualify), I agreed to down her complimentary can of Beet Juice.  Tried this once during last year’s Fargo Marathon – one word: DIS-GUST.  Like a can of liquid dirt.  And that color – let’s just say: what goes in, must come out.  DIS-GUST.

Saturday morn sunshine.  First stop Rockwood Summit High, where nephew Jack plays volleyball.  Yep, soccer & track weren’t enough – signed up with friends.  No previous knowledge of the game…rules, scoring – great to be young, no hesitation, no fear.

While Sis’ had her fill of carting kids to sporting events, I rarely get the chance to join a family cheer section.  Nephew won his first tournament game, so the Team plays on.  Super FUN.  In-law Bro stayed behind, Sis & I headed to Purina Farms to attend a dog agility show.  Watched Ro’s agility doppelganger, an Airedale, complete the course twice before we shifted to view the smaller dogs.  LOVED LOVED it!  Finished at the diving pool where NO dog completed the task.  Each ran hard down the short runway but all stopped short of jumping in its chilly water.  Tennis balls, duck decoys, Frisbees – didn’t matter what the object, no takers today.  HA!

Dinner, lazed around with family.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day


Early morning start, my 2nd St. Louis Marathon.  Left knee still tight from my first marathon double 2 weeks ago, followed by last weekend’s Rockin’ K trail run – I drug all downhill stretches in Kansas.

Snagged a B corral start (based on last year’s finish time).  Sis had her own plan today – BQ — also running 26.2, paced by members of her local Fleet Feet group.  Sis runs with a pack.

Warmed up, started on pace, but unfortunately everything tightened by mile 3.  Focused on reaching landmarks I remembered from last year.  Highlight: Running thru Anheuser-Busch again (miles 8-10).  Forest Park – mile 15.  Walk, run.  Pain shot up my left leg, knee throbbed.  Weird, cruel injury – uphill no problem, it’s downhill stretches which hobbled my spirit.  Crossed the timing map at mile 20, only 6 to go.

Sharp shooting pain continued up my left leg, ankle to knee.  Just past Mile 21, I went down – could no longer hold weight on the leg.  Have never DNF’d.  Ambulance transport to the Med Tent near the Finish Line (an hour later).  Whereas all major marathons have doctors on staff, this was a St Louis fail.  Couldn’t walk, received nothing for pain.  Paramedic wrapped my knee in ice.  Luckily Sis is a doc & provided meds – yep, same sis who just finished the marathon.  Shower, pasta & drugs.  Made my night flight home.

Body damaged.  Spirit broken.  What to do?  Races booked every weekend thru June.

Stop, turn it off.  Breathe.  Tomorrow’s another day.


GO! St. Louis Marathon:
K R HAGA crossed the 20 Mile Split at 10:59
Course time: 03:57:55
Pace: 11:54 min/mi



Purina Dog Agility Show


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