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Big news day.

While I try to keep my site’s central message consistent, I find myself over-the-top INSPIRED by our nation’s President.  President Obama spoke from Havana – from a Communist nation isolated & ostracized by the U.S. since the 1950’s, a failed policy.

I’m not a Democrat, I’m a registered Libertarian.  Not a believer in big Government.  Sincerely & fervently, do not believe a centralized D.C. think-tank solution is the same best answer for all Americans – confident the people of Colorado know best how to solve the problems of Colorado.

but unlike our nation’s government, crippled by divisive politics, I have the ability to look beyond party politics & applaud our President’s actions today in Cuba.


Today I applaud Peace.  Thrice this year I’ve brandished a Peace tat marathoning  #2016whyIrun

During a time when opposition candidates are surging on a platform of hate – building a Mexican border wall, restricting rights of Muslim-faith Americans – today’s message: PEACE, uniting peoples.


I have come here to extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people.


…in many ways, the United States and Cuba are like two brothers that have been estranged for many years, even as we share the same blood.  We both live in a new world, colonized by Europeans.


Cuba, like the United States, was built in part by slaves brought here from Africa.  Like the United States, the Cuban people can trace their heritage to both slaves and slave owners.  We’ve welcomed both immigrants who came a great distance to start new lives in the Americas.


And I always believed in what Martin Luther King, Jr. called the fierce urgency of now.  We should not fear change, we should embrace it.


Failed diplomatic efforts & mega $$ have been spent, generation after generation, to secure a working relationship with Israel & the Arab Middle East – yet we isolate our Cuban brothers, only 90 miles from Miami.

We in the Americas share a similar heritage.  Our people share a common culture & geography.

We should expand NAFTA (North American Trade Agreement), expand trade with our brothers in Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean.  We should strengthen these relationships – not build barriers to distance one another.

While governments create differences, our peoples – our inner core – are the same.


I travel to Moscow this September to marathon AND visit friends I worked & lived with 15 years ago. Russia’s a mere 55 miles from Alaska. Brother from another mother.  Find a solution, find a commonality.

We’re stronger when we stand together.



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