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It’s official — signed up for the Moscow Marathon on September 25th.  SUPER excited!  Dmitriy Cherkovskiy – Sign up!

K R Haga
Поздравляем, вы зарегистрированы на Moscow Marathon 2016 на дистанцию 42,2 km.
Ваш беговой номер 1809.
Старт состоится 25.September.2016.
Мы вышлем вам напоминание за несколько дней до забега.

Удачных тренировок и до встречи на старте!



Haga K R
Thank you for registering for the Moscow Marathon 2016, distance 42,2 km.
Your race number: 1809
Start on 25.September.2016

We’re looking forward to your participation.  We’ll send you a reminder before the day of the race.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Good Luck with your training.  See you on race day!


—– Moscow, 1998 —–


Dmitriy Cherkovskiy, 2015

Dmitriy Cherkovskiy, 2015

I worked in Russia 1996-1999, a lifetime ago.  4 years out of university, I lucked into a ‘6-month’ position which provided opportunity to live overseas & manage employees for the first time – three young guys in particular, Dima [dee-mah], Vlad & Dima (Dyomin, the other Dima).

On the K* timeline, this experience intrinsically shaped who I am today.  The people I met, being immersed in a foreign land – Russian language & customs – invaluable, absolutely life-changing.

St Petersburg, 1998

St Petersburg, 1998

Initially a fish-out-of-water, sooooo far out of my conservative comfort zone.  Russia taught me to live, to take risks (not everything in life can be carefully planned) & be thankful.  I’ve never gone hungry.  I’ve always had a roof over my head.

I know one can never recapture a time & place – if I could, it would be 1998.  Comfortable in my Moscow life, I invited a group of friends & family to Russia, the Baltics & Scandinavia.  Memory I’ll never ever forget.

3 years ago on FaceBook, reconnected with Dmitriy Cherkovskiy (Dima).  This fall we run the Moscow Marathon.  Слава Богу [Slava Bogu] – thanks to God!


Truth: Past tense is by far the easiest Russian verb conjugation.  2 years of lessons from Tatiana (weekdays 7:30-9am) – I took the Metro, bought groceries, interacted at work (as Director of Finance)…but sadly, often only spoke in the past.  “I just went to lunch” (as I’m leaving the office), “hope you had a good weekend” (as folks departed Friday).  Fun memory — LOL>


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