Yesterday’s snowfall still blanketed the road but woke Saturday to sunshine.

Signed up for today’s Cause and Effect Marathon only two weeks ago – responding to a FaceBook post from Stacy, another Colorado-based Maniac.  Would be my first of 18 scheduled marathons in Colorado this year (& my 50th marathon, yep 5-0).  [Technically, my ‘Colorado’ state run (50 State Quest) will happen May 1st in Fort Collins (already declared my final 3 state runs).]



The Cause: Achilles International (

The Effect: We get cold and tired to benefit athletes with disabilities.


Small handful of runners on today’s impromptu course (location moved mid-week due to snow maintenance issues).  Cold, snowy start to marathon season – my first Centennial State 26.2, my first 26.2 of 2016.

Queued behind a line in the snow & started the first of 13 out-n-backs in fresh Colorado powder.  Donned shades, ski cap, 2 shirts & a light jacket.  Sunshine bounced off today’s snowscaped course.  Crossed a wooden bridge, the South Platte gurgled & popped under thick ice below. If you’re a fan of winter – this was your day.  FAAAANNNNTASTIC!

Generally not a fan of multiple out-n-backs; however, today appreciated the frequency of familiar faces.  Briefly stopped at mile 16 & downed a cup of hot broth – super small race but organized by runners for runners.  Nicely done, thanks Bill!

Feet cold & fingers numbing, I crossed the tape just under 5 hours.  One of my top 10 worst times – but surprising, a 1st Place finish.  Pretty sure I’ll remain a one-hit wonder (assuming I can’t find any blizzard runs) — but tonite I celebrate!





Haga  K R    Louisville CO    4:59:30


Matt at Adams County Regional Park • Cause and Effect Marathon.  15 degree starting temp. This is marathon #3 in 90 days.

Niels • Strava •  All money went for a good cause.  13 out and back ‘laps’ that ran a little long.  Completely snow covered trails the entire time.  Good because it was soft, challenging because it made it hard to get any kind of push off.  My TomTom is still off about .01 per mile…..which equates to a 1/4 mile over this distance.  27.1 total today was a very good day.  I love these underground small local little marathons.  Hip Hip Hooray to the RD for organizing.



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