That time of year when I get quiet, reflect and goal set.

32 marathons, 32 different states in 2015.  Attained ‘Titanium’ status in my Marathon Maniacs running group.  2016 however, I intend to limit multi-week, out-of-state travel – restricting East Coast marathoning to only 3 next year.  ENJOY vs ENDURE the journey 🙂


**no regrets, nothing left undone**

  • 50 State Quest completion (Hawaii, Illinois & Colorado)
  • finish 40 marathons/ultra-marathons in 2016
  • run local: 16+ marathons this year in Colorado
  • #‎2016whyIrun – marathoning for a greater cause, spread social awareness to something bigger than myself


  • first repeat marathon: St Louis (sis’ hometown race)
  • first International marathon (Banff Nat’l Park, Canada)
  • first ultra-marathon (5 planned; distances > 26.2 miles)
  • first Double (back-to-back Saturday-Sunday marathons; 6 scheduled)
    • ultimate goal: build mental & physical strength necessary to complete a multi-day adventure race in 2017


  • 2017 marathon challenge: 100 marathon club
  • 5-year marathon goal: Canada Quest, 42.2K province challenge
  • 7 years, 7 continents: marathon all 7 continents (including Antarctica)


**future plans, looking ahead**

Hiking & climbing once again will dominate blog posts after 2016.

Multiple must-see National Parks crowd my bucket list.  I’ll continue to marathon 10 races annually – met many inspiring folk these past two years – but the mountains, my first love, are calling & I must go.  Colorado, Alaska, New Zealand, Chile, Kilimanjaro…Everest.



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