Monday November 9th – on the way to the doctor (nothing special, annual appt), old guy pulls in front of my hybrid & CRASH BOOM BAH…I’m driving a rental ‘til December.  INSTA-Life change.  Wasn’t intentional; no one was hurt (stiff neck for 3 days) – but dang, whatta life hassle.  I go from owning a car outright to financing its replacement.  Not cool.

[Point to story don’t go to the doctor, if you’re not sick.]

Spent the next two weeks, searching for a new ride.  Received a lotta great advice from fellow marathoner Heidi (weekend Maniac marathoner, weekday GM employee).  Familiar sounding lifestyle, huh?  (thanks again Heidi)


new ride: 2010 Jeep Wrangler

new ride: 2010 Jeep Wrangler

Saturday November 28th despite an estimated $10k in repairs, insurance company chose to fix my 2010 Prius.  Ugh, no new car 🙁  Repair timeline expectation?  Week before Christmas…2 weeks after my free rental expires.  Double ugh.

[Accident not my fault, holiday repair delays not my fault – super disappointing.]

Prius is paid off, sports great gas mileage but doesn’t fit my Colorado lifestyle.  How many trailheads have I hiked to before actually starting my summer 14er hikes?

What to do?

[well-timed] Email spam:  Black Friday financing thru Boulder Valley Credit Union (banks have Black Friday sales?)  Took this as a sign.  Found a 2010 Jeep on Craigslist (thanks Cliff)  – odometer tick < 35,000 miles, 3 hours away in Cañon City.

Road tripped south & test drove my new ride, Saturday after Turkey Day. 4WD, 6-speed standard – gotta, hafta, wanna get this Jeep!

Sunday December 6th Day after marathoning St Jude’s, retraced my trek south – keys in pocket…proud owner of a new (used) weekend gas guzzler.  Snow treks, off-road dirt disasters – finally, a Colorado car for my Colorado lifestyle.  HAPPY day!

3 months later -- FINALLY, PLATES!

3 months later — FINALLY, PLATES!



UPDATE (Tuesday March 15th):  3 rounds of temp tags & 3 months later (Colorado DMV title transfer bureaucracy) – FINALLY, plates.  AND not just any plates – threw a few $$ bucks more to support our Armed Forces Veterans.  FAAANNNTASTIC!

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