730am marathon start.  After mini-touring DC in the rain Saturday, super happy to see sunshine.  Running alongside the Potomac would make for a scenic run – even for a loop course.  Adams County (Amish) Marathon in Ohio’s been my only loop course to date.  Ran 2 loops there – gotta say I struggled mentally to go out that second lap while others were finishing the Half.  Today I’d run 4 loops.

(per Ashton) Couldn’t run all 50 States yet skip marathoning our nation’s capital, right?  Googled searched & located a small ‘trail’ race in its 2nd year – C&O Canal Towpath Marathon, 15 minutes from the White House.  Pretty cool, huh?  Count me in.  Not easy to locate an all District of Columbia marathon.  Most start and/or finish in Virginia – technically, can’t be counted as DC.

This race takes place in its entirety in Washington DC on the flat dirt and crushed stone surfaced C&O Canal Towpath. 3.28 miles of the towpath will be used for this event.  Runners will head southeast from the start to the Francis Scott Key Bridge at which point runners will turn around and head northwest on the towpath.  After running 3.28 miles northwest, runners will again turn around and head back southeast towards the start/finish line.  Upon reaching the start/finish line runners will have completed a quarter marathon – or one course loop.

With a total elevation gain of only 528 feet, today’s run would rank as the flattest race of my 50 States [+DC] Quest AND also the swampiest.  Yesterday’s monsoon left lotta standing water & an all mud trek to Francis Scott Key Bridge.  Cool morning temps + sunshine trumped any negativity re: trail conditions.  Overall, mighty nice day.  Lot more laid back than last Sunday’s NYC Marathon — HA! Snapped a finish pic by the historic Abner Cloud House.  Small races are always the best races 🙂

Sunday, Nov 8, 2015

C&O Canal Towpath Marathon and Half Marathon

Washington DC • Marathon

K Haga  4:39:55

Body still a bit jacked after running 26.2 miles…but couldn’t leave without seeing Lincoln, Jefferson & Washington Monuments – AND share dinner with cousin Chuck & family in nearby Frederick MD.  Sleep & a shower are a time luxury 🙂



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